As a new Ubisecurian – The world of many abridgments

IAM vs. I AM IAM, IoT, SSO.. All of these sounded more or less like type errors when I first started at Ubisecure as a marketing intern. And when spoken of I wondered if I even speak the same language … Read More

Release Demo Event – 8th March 2017

Ubisecure invites our system integrator partners to our winter Release Demo event on 8 March 2017 at 2pm. Come and learn about the latest Ubisecure releases, industry developments and other company news. Registration is required. We look forward to seeing … Read More

What is federation?

What is Federation?

Federation is a technology that can benefit both users and companies. Federation improves customer experience, facilitates registration (conversion) and enables online business ecosystems. Digital identities live in domains. A domain has an owner, usually a business / company. In a … Read More

IAM and IoT

IAM and IoT – Part One

World of Industrial Internet Imagine that starting from tomorrow, you simply wouldn’t have any Internet access for the next week. Now extend the week to the rest of the year. That is the everyday experience of most of the industry … Read More