Ubisecure CustomerID 5.1.9 released.

Ubisecure CustomerID 5.1.9 released. Release includes new features, enhancements and corrections. New features: Possibility to pass password value to backend call in registration summary step. Password reset works for registered authentications without user having to have an SSN attribute. Java … Read More

There’s no silver bullet for GDPR compliance

General Data Protection Regulation compliance date is less than 330 days from now. Infosec corporate marketing social media feeds are filled with “How to become GDPR compliant” or similar marketing messages. Our blog and feeds have regularly had GDPR related … Read More

Authentication as a Gatekeeper

Your authentication solution is your gatekeeper. It will enable your customers to conduct business with you while keeping others out. There are a lot of different gatekeepers out there in the market. If your organisation has an online service for … Read More

Ubisecure CustomerID 4.6.2 released.

Ubisecure CustomerID 4.6.2 released. Release includes correction to role invitations. IAM-2375: Correction to role invitations Please refer to release notes for more information.

Ubisecure SSO 8.1.2 released

Ubisecure SSO 8.1.2 released. Release includes following corrections: [IAM-2376] – Methodmenu rules are now applied correctly for login screens. [IAM-2411] – Empty methodmenu rules -file no longer causes NullPointerException, preventing login screen to be shown. Please refer to the release notes … Read More

New Customer IAM Partner Program Launches Today

Today we announce the roll out of Ubisecure Partner 2020, our new partner program for System Integrators, VARs, Developers and Consultants active in the Customer IAM (CIAM) sphere.  Ubisecure Partner 2020 has been designed from the ground up and in … Read More

Business Case for Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

A decade ago Identity and Access Management projects tended to spiral out of control both on deployment time and budget. These projects where Enterprise IAM were being deployed, aimed to increase internal efficiency, employee satisfaction (by simply reducing the number … Read More

IACA 40th Annual Conference – Unleashing the True Power of a Business Identity

Steve Roylance, Vice President of Identity Services, Ubisecure, recently participated in the 40th IACA Annual Conference in Halifax and proposed a model where an organisation managing vetted identity information, such as a business registry could become an Identity Provider (IdP). … Read More