UbiKlubi Summer 2017

Last week all of Ubisecure was buzzing with enthusiastic atmosphere as we made last preparations for our UbiKlubi Summer 2017 customer event. UbiKlubi is our bi-annual event for our customers and its purpose is to serve as a platform for … Read More

LIGHTest blog

The LIGHTest Project will deliver heavily

This series of blogs is about selected R&D efforts of special interest or where Ubisecure participates. This article is about LIGHTest, which is a project that is partially funded by the European Commission as an Innovation Action in the Horizon2020 … Read More

Kundinriktad IAM – i kärnan av all digitaliserings utveckling

Varför inspirerar kundinriktad IAM? Jag blev nyligen tillfrågad varför kundinriktad IAM så tydligt inspirerar oss på Ubisecure. Det var en intressant fråga som gav orsak till en del självreflektion. Här tänkte jag helt kort dela med mig en aning av … Read More

GDPR Configuration Tip #2 – Minimum information collection and disclosure

In this series we look at practical tips on how to configure the Ubisecure Identity Platform for GDPR compliance. This second entry deals with GDPR compliance in terms of data collection and disclosure and how your organization can move towards … Read More

Identity Cloud

Location, Location, Location!

New house, new job, your next holiday even, location has always been an important part of the decision making process. When it comes to powering your business, location is important too. Cloud hosted Software as a Service is nothing new, … Read More