API Security and CIAM

While browsing through LinkedIn, I came across this table in a post from Mark O’Neill, an analyst from Gartner. Looking at his very brief post promoting their $195 research note, I realised that at least one third of (their) view … Read More

Industrial Internet

IAM and Industrial Internet – Cryptographic identities for devices

Cryptography, and asymmetric aka public key cryptography in particular still radiates an aura of mystery and confusion. Public key cryptography is far from bleeding-edge though, as it was discovered in 1970 by James Ellis, a British cryptographer working for the … Read More

100th year of independence

Birth of a Nation

Finland was born 99 years and 364 days ago. Tomorrow we celebrate our 100th year of independence. Finland separated from the Russian empire during their own revolution, and was eventually recognised as an independent nation by their leader, Vladimir Lenin … Read More