Single Sign-On vs Step-up Authentication

When delivering online services to your customers, there are two terms that come up quite often that might require some explanation through comparison. Single Sign-On and Step-up authentication are technologies to help your customers navigate your applications. Visually, Single Sign-On … Read More

Why Smart Cities Services Need Federated Access

Clean sidewalks, safe roads, green parks, pure air. That is the dream of a city in which their inhabitants enjoy walking, jogging, commuting, sightseeing, meeting people at the boulevard. But, what happens when the cities grow at a such unstoppable … Read More

Ubisecure Identity Server 8.2 has been released.

Identity Server 8.2 has been released. This release is comprised of Ubisecure SSO 8.2.19 and CustomerID 5.2.12. New features in SSO 8.2: OpenID Connect authentication providers can now be used as authentication methods in SSO. OpenID Connect added support for enabling encryption … Read More

European e-privacy regulation

As the name says, the European e-privacy regulation, replaces the 2002 (revised, 2009) e-privacy directive with a new instrument, turning a directive into a regulation. As a reminder, directive is a regulatory instrument that has to be implemented in each … Read More