Data Protection Day

What is Data Protection Day and why do we need it?

January 28th 2019 marks the thirteenth annual Data Protection Day in Europe, aka Data Privacy Day in the USA. This international event commemorates the same date in 1981, when the Council of Europe’s data protection convention, known as ‘Convention 108’, … Read More

Santa Claus IAM

Why Santa Claus Needs Identity Management

“Cease and desist”. Santa picked up the thick, official-looking letter from today’s post. He drew a deep breath and was about to open the letter when his phone suddenly blared out Jingle Bells, telling him that Mrs Claus was calling. … Read More

Santa Claus with tablet

The Oversight Before Christmas: Santa’s GDPR Crisis

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Santa Claus was pacing, and so was his spouse; The Excel spreadsheet was filled in with great care, With details of all the world’s children in there; But Santa had … Read More

What is Consent Receipt?

It’s midnight. Rushed by a deadline you must buy a rare gadget online and the only place where it is in stock is a web store you never used before. As is the common practice, you must create a user … Read More

Common Sense Privacy

Here I am, writing down my personal information to an online service that I heard from my friend. I’ve gotten familiar with the brand new online service (year 2000) and products they sell, and as it happens, I do need … Read More

European e-privacy regulation

As the name says, the European e-privacy regulation, replaces the 2002 (revised, 2009) e-privacy directive with a new instrument, turning a directive into a regulation. As a reminder, directive is a regulatory instrument that has to be implemented in each … Read More

Digital Identity

Digital Espionage

James Bond, Ethan Hunt, Maxwell Smart, Johnny English have all been turned into relics. The Mission Impossible franchise is still up & running, but in the real world, the dark allies, wide brimmed hats and meetings on a park benches … Read More

Equifax Breach Under GDPR

The big Equifax breach has been on the headlines for over a week. If you’re not aware of it – please google it. There are a lot of blogs and articles out there. This will be one of those blogs. … Read More

GDPR Configuration Tip #2 – Minimum information collection and disclosure

In this series we look at practical tips on how to configure the Ubisecure Identity Platform for GDPR compliance. This second entry deals with GDPR compliance in terms of data collection and disclosure and how your organization can move towards … Read More

The Importance of Sticking to Your (Information) Security Policies and Procedures When Outsourcing

The recent classified data breach in Sweden is destabilizing the government. The story that has gradually been breaking out this summer is quite astonishing. At the time of the writing of this blog the Swedish government is regrouping after the … Read More