Remme Ubisecure Blockchain Identity

Remme and Ubisecure Partner to Enhance Identity Management with DLT

Today we announce an exciting collaboration with blockchain solution expert Remme. We’ve been working together for quite some time on a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a large F100 company. The goal was to bridge identity standards to DLT (distributed ledger … Read More

Right to X

Right to X – Asserting Your (Delegated) Rights

In my previous blog I talked about the classes of identity, the value of organisation identity, and how that leads towards Ubisecure’s vision of the simplification of automation of interactions: “to simplify the automation of interactions through precise understanding of … Read More

Identity API

The rise of identity APIs in the API economy

In the last decade we’ve seen a sizeable shift in the role APIs play in modern web and mobile applications, giving rise to the term API economy. The pressures of getting applications to market quickly, C level digital transformation initiatives, … Read More

The value of organisation identity

Identity. We all have some idea what it means – ‘my identity’, ‘your identity’ – and understand some of the attributes that compose our identity (age, name, email address etc.). We also have a strong desire to protect our identity … Read More

Santa Claus IAM

Why Santa Claus Needs Identity Management

“Cease and desist”. Santa picked up the thick, official-looking letter from today’s post. He drew a deep breath and was about to open the letter when his phone suddenly blared out Jingle Bells, telling him that Mrs Claus was calling. … Read More

Santa Claus with tablet

The Oversight Before Christmas: Santa’s GDPR Crisis

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Santa Claus was pacing, and so was his spouse; The Excel spreadsheet was filled in with great care, With details of all the world’s children in there; But Santa had … Read More

SSH Ubisecure

SSH.COM and Ubisecure Partner to Drive Higher Automation for Privileged Access Management

At the Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas this week, and Ubisecure announced a partnership designed to help organisations connect strong identity with Privileged Access Management. Working seamlessly together,’s PrivX and Ubisecure’s Identity Platform now allow enterprises to … Read More

Modern ID system

5 Business Benefits of a Modern ID System

The pressure is real. You have all heard or read things like these following statements: “Work smarter not harder.” We want to see results from the digitalisation efforts by the end of the quarter. Our closest competitor and our closest … Read More

Appropriate Identity

A lot of online services today take advantage of social media identities. You can start using a subscription service such as Spotify or Viaplay service with your Facebook identity. Social media identities minimize friction in adopting new consumer services. The … Read More

API Security and CIAM

While browsing through LinkedIn, I came across this table in a post from Mark O’Neill, an analyst from Gartner. Looking at his very brief post promoting their $195 research note, I realised that at least one third of (their) view … Read More