Modern ID system

5 Business Benefits of a Modern ID System

The pressure is real. You have all heard or read things like these following statements: “Work smarter not harder.” We want to see results from the digitalisation efforts by the end of the quarter. Our closest competitor and our closest … Read More

Appropriate Identity

A lot of online services today take advantage of social media identities. You can start using a subscription service such as Spotify or Viaplay service with your Facebook identity. Social media identities minimize friction in adopting new consumer services. The … Read More

API Security and CIAM

While browsing through LinkedIn, I came across this table in a post from Mark O’Neill, an analyst from Gartner. Looking at his very brief post promoting their $195 research note, I realised that at least one third of (their) view … Read More

Customer IAM Fundamentals

Quite a few of our blogs have recently been about projects we are participating in, technology deep dives or GDPR. Time to take a step back and go to the basics and figure out which are the fundamental features and … Read More

Reflections from a project around Big Data in Industrial Internet

A while ago Ubisecure participated in a workshop of an IoT and Industrial Internet related research project. Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on the session, I’d like to share some of my personal take-aways from the session. … Read More

50% of Organisations Say It’s Impossible to Reach GDPR Compliance Without CIAM

I know what your first reaction is: “Hold on a minute dear marketer…”. And I am a marketer. That’s why we needed to find out about a few things on how our customers and partners see the current situation. We … Read More

Kundinriktad IAM – i kärnan av all digitaliserings utveckling

Varför inspirerar kundinriktad IAM? Jag blev nyligen tillfrågad varför kundinriktad IAM så tydligt inspirerar oss på Ubisecure. Det var en intressant fråga som gav orsak till en del självreflektion. Här tänkte jag helt kort dela med mig en aning av … Read More

The Danger of Relying on IAM When You Need CIAM

In a recent blog post Ed Sawma from Okta outlines how IAM and CIAM are the same, and not the same. Reading through the post you might get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside that says typical (Enterprise) IAM solutions … Read More

Business Case for Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM)

A decade ago Identity and Access Management projects tended to spiral out of control both on deployment time and budget. These projects where Enterprise IAM were being deployed, aimed to increase internal efficiency, employee satisfaction (by simply reducing the number … Read More

IACA 40th Annual Conference – Unleashing the True Power of a Business Identity

Steve Roylance, Vice President of Identity Services, Ubisecure, recently participated in the 40th IACA Annual Conference in Halifax and proposed a model where an organisation managing vetted identity information, such as a business registry could become an Identity Provider (IdP). … Read More