Identity Cloud

What is Ubisecure Identity Cloud?

Ubisecure’s Identity and Access Management platform provides a powerful and flexible user management data model, enabling delegation of access rights across organization boundaries. This capability supports digitalization initiatives around Industrial IoT and omnichannel commerce. The platform also provides a broad … Read More

Connected, federated, secured

What is Tiered Delegated Administration?

One of the unique features of Ubisecure Identity Server is the mechanism for delegating application role management to the external customers, business or private, of an organisation in a controlled fashion. It is called the tiered delegated administration model. This … Read More

Connected, federated, secured

Update for Ubisecure Identity Server

March release of the Identity platform includes Ubisecure Identity Server 8.1. This new version brings new application and privileged user management API calls, WS-Federation protocol and tiered delegated role management improvements. Mobile Connect For GSMA Mobile Connect ID Gateway deployments, the … Read More

Mobile World Congress 2017 – MWC

Will the Mobile World Congress 2017 be a tipping point for Mobile Connect? Mobile Connect has all the potential of shaking the way people authenticate on a global basis. It already has over 3 billion enabled users. That’s twice as … Read More

What is federation?

What is Federation?

Federation is a technology that can benefit both users and companies. Federation improves customer experience, facilitates registration (conversion) and enables online business ecosystems. Digital identities live in domains. A domain has an owner, usually a business / company. In a … Read More

10 Years of Customer Identity and Access Management

This is a true story. Names have not been altered. This is how Customer Identity and Access Management started (CIAM). It all started on a rainy d… in the winter of 2006. We had just won a project from the … Read More

Major technical architecture update

Technology changes. It develops. It becomes faster. It becomes easier. It scales better. Just like our upgraded identity and authorization management part of our Identity Platform. Our development team has put a tremendous effort in updating the underlying architecture of … Read More