Open ID Connect CIBA

Ubisecure ahead of the curve with Open ID Connect CIBA integration

OpenID recently announced that CIBA, which stands for ‘Client initiated Backchannel Authentication (Flow)’, has been approved by MODRNA for the Implementer’s Draft stage. Ubisecure has participated in the innovation work and specification of CIBA and is an early adopter of … Read More

Industrial Internet

IAM and Industrial Internet – Cryptographic identities for devices

Cryptography, and asymmetric aka public key cryptography in particular still radiates an aura of mystery and confusion. Public key cryptography is far from bleeding-edge though, as it was discovered in 1970 by James Ellis, a British cryptographer working for the … Read More

IAM and Industrial Internet – Strong device identities

When it comes to IoT, it is paramount to distinguish between authentication and authorisation. Typically, there are long discussions centred around device identities – authentication – while managing their access rights waved by one sentence such as “the portal will … Read More

Reflections from a project around Big Data in Industrial Internet

A while ago Ubisecure participated in a workshop of an IoT and Industrial Internet related research project. Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on the session, I’d like to share some of my personal take-aways from the session. … Read More

IAM and IoT

IAM and IoT – Part One

World of Industrial Internet Imagine that starting from tomorrow, you simply wouldn’t have any Internet access for the next week. Now extend the week to the rest of the year. That is the everyday experience of most of the industry … Read More

Guest Blog: How Device Identity and the Cloud Will Save the Production Line

Internet of Things security has been a dominant topic in the industry over the last year, primarily since the proved hacking of smart cars, Wi-Fi Barbie’s, fridges, thermostats and more. The gaping hole of device security is something that rests … Read More

Internet of Things and IAM

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE) continue to be major buzzwords. It’s true that appliances, house hold items, home automation devices, all kinds of sensors and controllers, and many other mechanical devices are connecting more … Read More