Phishing 2.0

What is Phishing 2.0 and which countermeasures can organisations use against it?

With all due respect to the countless victims it has claimed, Phishing 1.0 was never rocket science. They’re passive attacks – the victim needs to visit the fake site and put their credentials in themselves. What phishing boils down to … Read More

FinTech Identity Authentication

Why don’t FinTechs use strong authentication?

Remember when companies used painfully slow and expensive wire transfers? When small businesses wasted time and money maintaining checking accounts? When investments in stock markets were only for those with deep pockets? Luckily, FinTechs came onto the scene and changed … Read More

Santa Claus with tablet

The Oversight Before Christmas: Santa’s GDPR Crisis

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Santa Claus was pacing, and so was his spouse; The Excel spreadsheet was filled in with great care, With details of all the world’s children in there; But Santa had … Read More

Cyber Security Month 2018

What a change a year makes! Cyber security awareness month 2018 was fairly tame compared to the huge number of events that took place during October 2017.  Take a look at our blog post from last year if you have … Read More

Facebook hack OAuth

Facebook vulnerability – what to know about its OAuth access token exploit

What we know from Facebook’s Security Update On September 16th Facebook discovered unusual activity on its platform and an investigation was launched. On Tuesday, September 25th a vulnerability and security issue was identified that affected almost 50 million account. On … Read More

Common Sense Privacy

Here I am, writing down my personal information to an online service that I heard from my friend. I’ve gotten familiar with the brand new online service (year 2000) and products they sell, and as it happens, I do need … Read More

Cyber Security vs User Experience

Cyber security is often seen as the opposite of user experience. Good security means inferior user experience. In the digital world that we are part of, creating the best practical user experience is critical to businesses. According to a study … Read More

API Security and CIAM

While browsing through LinkedIn, I came across this table in a post from Mark O’Neill, an analyst from Gartner. Looking at his very brief post promoting their $195 research note, I realised that at least one third of (their) view … Read More