Open Standards Are The Key To Cybersecurity

Five lessons from ISSE 2018 Brussels Landed in Brussels Airport late at night. Walking the terminal looked like anywhere else in the world. Am I really in Belgium? I thought. After passing a few gates I was in front of … Read More

Facebook hack OAuth

Facebook vulnerability – what to know about its OAuth access token exploit

What we know from Facebook’s Security Update On September 16th Facebook discovered unusual activity on its platform and an investigation was launched. On Tuesday, September 25th a vulnerability and security issue was identified that affected almost 50 million account. On … Read More

Google kill off the URL

What does Google’s plan to kill URLs mean for identity on the internet?

Following the recent Wired article Google wants to kill the URL and follow up article from The SSL Store Google’s plan to kill the URL is a golden opportunity for Certificate Authorities we felt it was worth adding some thoughts … Read More

IETF 101 London

About IETF The IETF is the premier internet standards body developing open standards through open processes. While most IETF work takes place online, meetings provide in-person opportunities to advance work. My last IETF meeting was 48th in Pittsburgh in summer … Read More