Ubisecure New Employee: Sami Lindgren

We are growing and as a result we have many new employees who have started working here at Ubisecure. This is a blog series that will showcase our new superstars and get u a change to know them. They have … Read More

Digital Identity

Digital Espionage

James Bond, Ethan Hunt, Maxwell Smart, Johnny English have all been turned into relics. The Mission Impossible franchise is still up & running, but in the real world, the dark allies, wide brimmed hats and meetings on a park benches … Read More

UbiKlubi Summer 2017

Last week all of Ubisecure was buzzing with enthusiastic atmosphere as we made last preparations for our UbiKlubi Summer 2017 customer event. UbiKlubi is our bi-annual event for our customers and its purpose is to serve as a platform for … Read More

Hacking a Tokomak Drone

In the distant future far away humanity has conquered faster than light travel, and colonised star systems surrounding the birth place of the intelligent ape. The AI (r)evolution enabled humans to accelerate science and engineering efforts and in a relatively … Read More