Metsä-Group is a forest industry group whose core business consists of tissue and cooking papers, paperboard, pulp, wood products, and wood supply and forest services.

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  • Managing the 122,000 owner-member id
  • entities of the Metsä-Group with its current technology was inefficient and costly
  • Metsä-Group needed a more robust and scalable solution for their Metsäverkko (forestnet) extranet portal used by their owner-members
  • The old IAM system did not have support for authorization


  • Ubisecure CustomerID was adopted to facilitate owner-member registration and authorization between forest owners
  • Ubisecure SSO provides Single Sign-On across the various parts of the extranet as well as strong authentication where needed such as transactions or tax reporting


  • Easy registration and access for the 122,000 owner-members
  • Efficient operation and customer convenience as owner-members can authorize a single person to sell assets in co-owned plots without having to call Metsä-Group’s customer service or fill out letters of authorization
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