S-Group is a retail chain operating in Scandinavia, Russia, and the Baltics
with retail sales of over € 11 billion (2014).  S-Group operates in over 1,600 locations and employs over 40,000 people.

Main businesses and brands include:

  • Retail: S-Market, Sales, Alepa, Prisma department stores
  • Hotels: Sokos Hotels and Radisson Blu Hotels and Resorts
  • Service stations: ABC gas stations
  • Agriculture: Agrimarket



  • Operating several brands each with their own online services, customers couldn’t move easily from one website to another
  • S-Group is owned by its over 2 million members and pays back bonuses to its owners of several hundreds of million euros yearly – there was no easy way for the owners (customers) to review their bonus information


  • UbisecureSSO was used to link different web sites and online stores together, and enable the use of social identities
  • S-Group built a customer portal for reviewing bonuses, purchase history, and guarantee information of purchased items. UbisecureSSO was used to implement strong multi factor authentication for the s-kanava service


  • Increased customer satisfaction and online sales as the users can now single sign-on between different S-Group sites
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Cost savings by removing multiple registration points and identities
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