Swedish eHealth Authority


The Swedish eHealth Agency coordinates e-health personal health accounts for all Swedish citizens.

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  • The eHealth authority offers a HealthForMe health data platform to allows all Swedish citizens to view, collect and store personal health records
  • The challenge was to embed the cloud-based platform into the Swedish national identity landscape, while preserving security and integrity of personally identifiable information


  • Ubisecure allows Swedish citizens to use their existing identities to access HealthForMe using their existing BankIDs, federated strong identities EID2 or healthcare professional identities SAMBI
  • To preserve integrity, Ubisecure creates a pseudonym identifier for registering and accessing the Instant PHR application


  • Secure, safe and convenient way to access personal health records
  • Great usability to encourage take-up and usage
  • IT security and privacy safeguards to enable health on the cloud
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