Vantaan Energia


Vantaan Energia is a utility company providing electricity and district heating services for households and businesses.

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  • Mandated by regulation, energy companies must allow consumers to review their consumption data gathered by smart meters. Vantaan Energia needed a secure way to share this information
  • Maintaining separate identities across different services in both B2C and B2B created inconvenience and was seen as a security risk


  • Ubisecure SSO provides strong authentication for consumer and business users to the Vantaa Energia SharePoint portal and single sign-on across services
  • Ubisecure CustomerID provides registration flows, identity verification during registration, and is linked to the CRM of Vantaan Energia


  • Regulatory compliance is reached by offering customers a secure way to conduct business and review their data in the portal
  • Cost savings through automating the customer registration
  • Convenience when registering as customers can verify their identities with BYOID, and contract information can be automatically verified from the CRM
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