Technical Product Owner


Ubisecure Oy has a need for a skilled technical leader to join the Product Management team. Their primary task will be a technical product owner.

As a key member of the product management function, s/he will guide the product development in a day-to-day manner. Additionally they work directly for the VP of Product to prioritize development goals (matching available staff with desired release requirements). The individual will receive high-level requirements and roadmaps from three directions: VP of Product, industry standards specifications, and customers (in the form of support and customer requirements tickets). It is the responsibility of the Technical Product Owner to ensure the day-to-day functioning of the team (defined by specific KPIs) and release schedule is both supportable and maintained.

The candidate should be comfortable working in a software development environment and in an operations environment, but is not expected to have any substantive hands-on coding experience. They should be comfortable working with both JIRA and Confluence, as these are the primary tools of Ubisecure.

The Technical Product Owner must be a positive individual, looking for solutions to complex problems and while passionate, not be prone to conflict. The individual should be a team player, understanding that the capabilities of the team outweigh any individual persons capabilities. And the Technical Product Owner must have solid time management skill – being able to organize and manage meetings effectively.

The Technical Product Owner must be able to communicate effectively regarding all matters related to product development. They are also expected to assist in the prioritization of solutions and explain why certain solutions were chosen instead of others. Specifically they should be able to determine when any specific issue needs to be resolved in an expedited manner – willingness to make impromptu decisions is a necessity.


  • High technical competence level with a quality-oriented mindset.
  • Can produce high-quality requirement documents.
  • Clear understanding of effective meeting management practices, including scheduling/time keeping during meetings.
  • Is a social individual and can participate in producing blog posts, webinars and other external facing communications.
  • Good command of the English language


  • IAM knowledge
  • International experience
  • Interested to take part in industry forum work. (E.g., GSMA)
  • Good command of the Finnish language
  • Willingness to grow from Technical Product Owner to functional business owner (E.g. perform ROI based development planning).

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