Let’s talk about digital identity with Jim Pasquale, EVP Interoperability at digi.me.

In the final episode of series 2, Oscar and Jim discuss the problem of “digital exhaust” – the data trail (including identity data) that consumers leave as they go about life online, which they often have little control over. Jim fills us in on why this data needs to be better managed – and how. He also explores the importance of interoperability, given his role as Chair of Kantara’s Information Sharing Interoperability working group.

“If you give data, you’ll get better data back.”

Jim PasqualeJim Pasquale is a veteran innovator with a passion for disruption. He has deployed large and complex software systems with the world’s largest telcos and communications companies to improve engagement, conversion and customer experience. Jim is currently EVP Interoperability at digi.me.

Find Jim on LinkedIn and Twitter @jpasquale.

Find out more about the organisations Jim’s involved with: digi.me, kantarainitiative.org/groups/isi-work-group and me2ba.org.

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