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Customer IAM Deployment Options


When you are deploying a solution that essentially becomes the warden of your customer data, flexibility is essential. All enterprise environments are different, and different verticals are governed not only by international regulations and standards, but also by state / country level legislation. In Customer IAM, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

When selecting your Customer IAM solution it will be imperative that you can keep the data exactly where you need. Some customers need either through their own desire or mandated by external factors to keep customer data in the sole control of the provider. In these situations you need an on-premise solution, where the data repositories and the Customer IAM solution is in your own control.

If there’s no pressing need to have the customer data stored in your own network, you can opt-in for a managed solution. A managed solution (also called private cloud) provides a Customer IAM solution that uses cloud infrastructure and business model for delivering the required functionality for your e-services.


Ubisecure Identity Server

Ubisecure has over 15 years of experience in delivering Identity and Access Management solutions for customers together with partners. With the accumulated knowledge and deep understanding of the IAM projects, we have created a best practise deployment model, where our customers can start fully utilizing the benefits of Customer IAM in mere weeks. The on-deployments following our best practise model, or tailored according to the customer wishes are extendable with various options including High Availability and High Performance options as well as plenty of product options bringing new functionality to the environment.

All on-premise deployments are done together with a partner, and you can take a look at our partner section for a suitable partner, or you can choose to use your own preferred partner. The Ubisecure IAM Academy is an established training program designed to educate new partners and ICT professionals in the field of Identity and Access Management and deployment, integration and configuration of the Ubisecure Identity Platform.

Ubisecure Identity Cloud

An alternative deployment model for the Ubisecure Identity Platform is a managed, i.e. private cloud option. This is called Ubisecure Identity Cloud. This comprehensive IDentity as a Service (IDaas) solution is available through our partner network.

All the same functionality that is available with the on-premise model will be at your disposal with the managed deployment model. You can grow the number of connected applications, add more functionality by licensing product options, add high availability and high performance when your transaction levels grow.

Ubisecure Identity Cloud, in a default configuration using the best practise approach and years of knowledge on CIAM deployments, takes a very short time to deliver. You or your selected system integrator partner can start integrating applications almost immediately after you place an order for a CIAM solution. Our extensive partner network will help you customise the Customer IAM deployment for your needs, and with all those out-of-the-box workflows, centralised authorisation policies and our innovative Identity Broker Engine, you can have your CIAM up and running in a very short time.

If you are unsure of the benefits of CIAM for your organisation, a well defined Proof of Concept deployment can be delivered to you in just few days and after integrating your pilot applications you have time and our expertise at your disposal to discover how CIAM can take your e-services to a new level.
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Flexible Licensing

Flexible Licensing

We’ve noted that our customers have different preferences when it comes to licensing. The Ubisecure Identity Platform in both deployment models (on-premise and cloud) is available in

  • Perpetual (one-time-fee) model + support and maintenance invoiced yearly
  • A monthly subscription model

It will be up to you to decide which of these models you would like to utilise. The final price of the deployment depends on the number of acquired product options and the number of users.

Options for the Identity Platform

The Ubisecure Identity Platform can be extended by a number of options increasing available features and functions including

  • Several different supported third party authentication mechanisms from social media to government issued eIDs and biometric mobile identities
  • Performance and availability upgrades
  • Application integration options for increasing the number of connected applications, federation links, or platforms using different technologies

Our solution grows with your e-services and provides the necessary functions where and when needed.

See how the award winning Ubisecure Identity Platform improves Customer Experience, Operational Efficiency, Security & Privacy and delivers Regulation Compliance like GDPR.
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