Identity Platform for External Users

Deployment Options

The Ubisecure Identity Platform can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.

When selecting your external user identity management solution it is critical to maintain control over the locality of the data. Regulation and internal controls will often mandate that data remains under the tight control of the enterprise, within their geography. In such situations only an on-premise solution will be suitable. In other situations a managed service or cloud option may better meet business requirements. A managed solution (also called private cloud) uses cloud infrastructure and a subscription business model for delivering the required platform functionality for your e-services.

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Ubisecure Identity Server

Ubisecure has over 15 years of experience in delivering external user identity management solutions through our Certified Partner Network. With this accumulated knowledge, we have created a best practise deployment model, where our customers can start fully utilising the benefits of the Identity Platform in weeks vs the months usually associated with other platforms.

All on-premise deployments are managed by a Certified Ubisecure Partner, or if your organisation has a preferred System Integrator, we can work with your Partner to become Certified very quickly via the IAM Academy – a training program designed for new partners to quickly become experts in the deployment, integration and configuration of the Ubisecure Identity Platform.

Ubisecure Identity Cloud

The Ubisecure Identity Platform can be deployed as a managed service, i.e. private cloud option. This comprehensive Identity as a Service (IDaas) solution is available through our Certified Partner Network.

Both on-premise and cloud deployments offer the same features and functionality. You can customise the number of connected identity providers & applications, add more functionality by licensing product options, add high availability and high performance when your transaction levels grow.

When in the default configuration using the best practise approach, deployment to the cloud is very fast. A Certified Ubisecure Partner will help you customise the platform for your business needs, and due to the out-of-the-box workflows, centralised authorisation policies and Identity Broker Engine, you can be up and running in a very short time.

Pilots / Proof of Concepts - a well defined PoC deployment can be delivered to you in just few days. Contact us to discuss.
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Flexible Licensing

The Ubisecure Identity Platform in both deployment models (on-premise and cloud) is available as:

  • Perpetual (one-time-fee) model + support and maintenance invoiced yearly
  • A monthly subscription model

Pricing is dependent on selected features and number of users. Contact us for a custom quote.

Options for the Identity Platform

The Ubisecure Identity Platform offers flexible features and functions including:

  • Several different supported third party authentication mechanisms from social media to government issued eIDs and biometric mobile identities
  • Performance and availability upgrades
  • Application integration options for increasing the number of connected applications, federation links, or platforms using different technologies

Our solution grows with your e-services and provides the necessary functions where and when needed.

See how the award winning Ubisecure Identity Platform improves Customer Experience, Operational Efficiency, Security & Privacy and delivers Regulation Compliance like GDPR.
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