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Customer Experience

Increase capture and conversion, and engagement with a consistent and frictionless customer experience across all channels and devices.




Registration as a service


Some form of registration is needed when an online business needs to capture a customer’s identity.  Capture and conversion of potential customers are the essentials of online business. Friction caused in these phases will have a negative impact on your revenue. One of the biggest reasons for abandonment is a complex registration process. Customer Identity and Access Management is a tool to minimise or completely remove friction during the conversion phase. Using different techniques such as auto-population of consumer or even business user registration data can be greatly simplified. Introducing a smooth registration process will increase your revenue through better conversion rates and increased retention thanks to the improved customer experience.



  • Automated registration based on contract information queried from connected CRM(s)
  • Smooth registration workflows for multiple use cases with optional e-mail and phone number verification
  • User driven federation where trusted third party authentication sources can be used to verify identities
  • Use of third party identity data (with consent) for easy or automated registration
  • Support for strong authentication during registration to ensure valid identities

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Provide Single Sign-On capabilities for your users (consumers, customers and partners) and employees to easily login once with their preferred credentials and authenticate to access all the services and applications they have been given rights to – eliminating the need for multiple logins or credentials.


  • Improve the customer experience and journey
  • Increase retention and encourage repeat logins
  • Maintain a straightforward application architecture with a centralised Single Sign-On and authentication solution
  • Benefit from a centralised policy management that delivers the right identity attributes to internal or external applications ensuring compliance to privacy regulations


Single Sign On



Login methods

Inbound & Outbound Federation

For consumers, federation means seamless access to diverse resources from different identity domains without the need to sign-in again, and the ability to use their preferred login method, such as Facebook and others. For enterprises, it’s a new way to generate business by opening the doors of your web business to trusted partners and enabling Single Sign-On (SSO) from their corporate network to your services.

Federated identities are becoming more and more prevalent with banks and mobile network operators starting to provide 3rd party authentication services for online services. The Ubisecure Identity Platform will allow your services to integrate to these 3rd party sources in minutes, or if you happen to be an issuer of properly vetted identities (bank, mobile network operator, government or federal organization or a healthcare provider) you can become an Identity Provider yourself and generate new revenue from the identities you have issued and boost customer loyalty as your customers can now access external services with an identity you have issued. Let your customers and external users bring their own identity (BYOID).



  • Allow your business customers to Single Sign-On to your services from their own corporate network
  • Build extensive business ecosystems through comprehensive support for federation
  • Acquire new customers from your business network partners and enable your customers to adopt new services from your partners
  • Enable your consumer customers to use their existing identities from social to government issued eIDs and increase customer experience and increase conversion
  • Any of the 20+ supported 3rd party and internal authentication methods can be used to link user identities in a matrix fashion
  • Strengthen or verify any weak identity with a strong multifactor method to create verified social or business identities
  • Kantara eGov profile support out of the box
  • Protocol translation, e.g. from SAML to WS-Federation and vice versa
  • Supported standards: SAML 2.0 (independently tested), OpenID, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, Mobile Connect, WS-Federation, TUPAS, ETSI MSS (ETSI TS 102 204)

Social Login

Creating personalised content and journeys for customers has become essential. The de-facto method of personalisation today is cookie based, and it doesn’t work in an omni-channel environment. Allowing your users to use something that they already possess, their social identity, you can build consistent and personalized experiences for your customers in the omni-channel environment.

Embedding social identities into your online services facilitate easier capture and conversion. Out-of-the-box or customised workflows can be used to collect further information at later stages if needed. For your mobile apps, you only have to add a few lines of code to enable social identity logins using the Ubisecure Identity Platform.

The user driven federation functionality allows you to strengthen a social media identity with existing account information, or using a trusted third party. This link needs to be created only once.

For times when you don’t need to own the user and want to start a relationship with minimal friction. Leveraging well known, safe, social identities establishes an immediate relationship without the security risks of storing local identity data pools.



social login


  • Support for identities from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Yahoo!, Amazon and more
  • Increase capture and conversion by allowing your customers to bring their own identity
  • Social identities enable omni-channel experiences
  • Avoid storing of PII by using third party identities

Identity Platform


Maintaining a consistent brand across all identity management workflows and interfaces contributes to a consistent user experience and creates trust. The Platform allows for complete control of brand. A single central authentication point provides for a consistent brand and user experience and massively simplifies brand evolution over time.


  • Completely brandable solution without any extra development / coding
  • Skinable interfaces for branded SSO
  • Custom HTML capabilities


Consistent User Experience (UX)

A good customer experience is key to a successful business. Modern users expect easy, yet secure access to your services. They expect personalised journeys across channels and devices. Without a digital identity, adaptable authentication, Single Sign-On and federation you’ll be just another web front. Customer Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides all the tools necessary to enable consistent, identity driven and personalised customer experiences.

Self-service workflows empower your customers, and allow them to e.g. decide how they will be authenticated to your services. User driven federation allows your end users to link their existing third party identities to the accounts they have with you, and use their preferred identity to consequent logins, both for desktop and mobile. Extensive support APIs allow you to embed IAM functions to your own applications where they are needed preserving a consistent and brand adhering experience.

UX is as important as brand and, in implementation, unique to each company. A consistent UX regardless of channel and device is core to end customer loyalty and retention.



User Experience


Solution Deployment

Ubisecure solutions provide highly secure, highly available mission critical services to our customers. Identity Platform solutions can be deployed as on-premise IAM software or as cloud based managed services.

Ubisecure Identity Server

Fully featured IAM software.

Ubisecure Consumer IAM

Ubisecure Identity Cloud

Fully featured managed IAM cloud service.

See how the award winning Ubisecure Identity Platform improves Customer Experience, Operational Efficiency, Security & Privacy and delivers Regulation Compliance like GDPR.
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