Simplifying how consumers access online services using their existing high assurance identities

TrustedID Overview

Secure online commerce is not only about securing your site with EV certificates that turn the visitors browser address bar green and displaying the organization’s name. Convenient registration and easy-to-use and secure authentication of your external users is crucial.

Ubisecure TrustedID is a global marketplace for trusted and federated identities. TrustedID connects to a multitude of trusted identity providers on a global scale and offers a one-stop-shop for online sites where to easily acquire trusted authentication services their customers can use when registering or authenticating to the online site. Simple conversion of visitors to customers reduces friction and cart abandonment rate considerably. Convenient and secure authentication with something that the customer already has will improve the rate of returning customers and customer experience, security and lower the operating costs.

Trusted identity providers such as banks, telecom operators and government eID infrastructures cover billions of digital identities globally already. These trusted identity sources provide vetted identities to their local markets. TrustedID connects to these identity providers and connects online sites on a global scale. Online sites no longer have to connect to each local provider individually and negotiate the T&Cs with each one. TrustedID is the single point of contact for global trusted identities and strong authentication.

  • One-stop-shop for all your authentication needs as a service
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate, increase retention and improve customer experience by enabling “Bring Your Own Identity”, BYOID
  • As an identity provider start earning money when your customers use their identities in external services and increase loyalty
  • Secure your services, reduce fraud, eliminate risk breached identity databases and comply to new regulations including PSD2, GDPR, PCI-DSS 3.2, eIDAS

TrustedID for Identity Providers

As an identity provider you have invested in creating an identity system to improve security for your own customers. Financial institutions, critical infrastructure providers, telecom operators and governments need to properly authenticate their users, and have up-to-date identity attributes. As part of the initial registration process the identities are vetted and attributes of the customer are recorded including phone number, address etc.

Until now this investment for the identity infrastructure has brought better security and risk mitigation for the provider. With Trusted ID the trusted identity provider can turn this investment into a revenue stream. By connecting with Trusted ID your customers can use the digital identity you have issued in third party services. Each authentication transaction in an external service generates added revenue for the identity provider.

When your customers can use digital identity issued by your organisation in third party services it will increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. The ability to use the strong credential in third party services will be perceived as added value by the identity provider customers. If the competition does not offer similar service, the identity provider that does will gain a competitive edge.


  • Turn an investment into a new revenue stream
  • Increase loyalty and customer satisfaction
  • Gain a competitive edge and acquire new customers

TrustedID for Service Providers

Regulation changes or pressure from the customers are some of the factors that are driving service providers away from the password systems. Users are demanding more secure and convenient ways to both register and use online resources. The least desirable option for a new customer is the requirement to generate and maintain yet another password.

Customer experience and the customer journey give edge to an online site. If the service requires re-authentication between e.g. different brand sites, or personalisation features can’t be implemented at every step of the journey due to missing identity information, the online service scores low on the customer experience. These are only two examples when the online service misses the opportunities of consistent and thorough usage of identities.

Using a trusted third party identity can yield several benefits for the online site. Typically the identity has properly vetted attributes associated with it. When these attributes are delivered to the online site, registration and therefore conversion becomes effortless for the visitor. This will have an immediate positive impact on the profitability of the site.

Customers who can use something that they already possess are much more inclined to return. The positive initial experience and the fact that they don’t have to memorize yet another password increases their satisfaction. But it’s also about building trust between the site and the customer. The trusted third party providers enjoy a high level of trust in their local markets and this trust can expanded to include third party sites. The ability to use strong multi-factor authentication for the online site will increase trust.

Existing accounts can be enabled with third party authentication with a technology called user driven federation (UDF). With UDF the existing customer wishing to start using his bank issued credentials can link the online site account with the bank authentication, and on subsequent visits the bank credentials are used for authentication instead of the password.


  • Increase conversion and the rate of returning customers
  • Improve security and customer satisfaction, let your customers bring their own identity
  • Reduce the operating costs and customer service desk costs

Features & Integration

TrustedID offers a number of commercial and national eIDs for user authentication and digital signatures globally. Identities range from social identities for capturing and converting visitors to high assurance identities issued by governments, financial institutions or mobile network operators.  TrustedID provides a centralized service to access these identities with one integration (subject to agreements with the identity provider).

  • Europe
  • United States
  • APAC & Japan
  • Mobile operators through Mobile Connect
  • Social identities for capturing and converting visitors (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and more)

To take the selected third-party IDs in to use in the online service, the online service needs to be integrated to Trusted ID. Service integration is done using the supported Web SSO protocols and integration modules including:

  • SAML 2.0
  • WS-Federation
  • OAuth 2.0 / OpenID Connect
  • Mobile Connect
  • Ubisecure SAML SP for Java integration module

Log-in screen of the online service can be customized to the service provider brand using an API provided by the TrustedID service. The activation of the third-party IDs can be done in the self-service interface.

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