Identity Providers & Identity Brokering

The Ubisecure Identity Platform allows any organisation managing identities to offer authentication and identity attribute services to third parties.

Organisations that manage identity information of their customers and maintain verified identity repositories can generate new revenue streams by becoming an Identity Provider. Multiple verticals such as finance & insurance, utilities, mobile network operators, airlines, retail etc. all maintain verified digital identities with varying attributes.

In the Scandinavian market the prevailing strong user authentication method is the bank issued digital identity. However today, mobile network operators have started to issue strong digital identities by enabling the mobile phone to be utilised as a two factor authentication token. This innovation is going global through the Mobile Connect protocol and offers new opportunities to both direct and indirect Identity Providers.

Social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn make it easy to use non-verified social identities to register and log into web services.

Ubisecure makes it easy for Identity Providers to allow 3rd party web services to accept their customer’s strong, verified digital identities to register, log into, and transact with trust and confidence.

Become an Identity Broker with Ubisecure

Benefits of being an Identity Provider

  • Generate new revenue from the investments made to manage verified digital identities
  • Improve loyalty and customer satisfaction by allowing your customers to use their digital identity to improve the convenience of using external services
  • Spread your brand by incorporating your logo into external services “Login with [your brand]”
  • Increase trust within the customer base

Benefits for the online service

  • Increase conversion, retention and reduce abandonment rate by allowing your visitors to use something they already have
  • Improve customer experience and journey
  • Increase trust by aligning your service with a trusted third party and brand
  • Real, verified identities with accurate and up to date identity data

Using the Ubisecure Identity Platform almost any company managing identities can offer authentication and identity attribute services to third parties.

The Platform services can be fully integrated with any digital identity solution and identity repositories already deployed. With the centralised authorisation policies and the Identity Broker Engine you can finely tune what kind of identity information is available to the external services complying to privacy regulations such as the GDPR. Authentication and identity attribute delivery can be commercialised separately allowing you to create high volume (authentication) and high value (attributes) services for the external services.

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