Enabling Digital Transformation Strategies

Accelerate transformation of business activities and models to fully leverage opportunities to use identity in your digital services

Digital Transformation- the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business.

No matter what your industry or vertical, everything starts with the customer journey. You need to provide a holistic, convenient and secure journey for your customers. The journey starts with a capture.


Every visitor you receive is a potential customer. Capturing them is essential. They use mobile, tablets and desktop systems. Use our platform to facilitate omni-channel strategies in capturing visitors properly.

Cookies have been the way of the industry for a long while now. With new channels of consumption and access companies have started to realize that a cookie is a troublesome and hard way of capturing a user. Some of the visionaries of the Internet like AOL are moving away from cookies.
The best way to capture a visiting user is to allow them to use something they already possess. Facebook, Google, V-Kontakte, LinkedIn cover over one billion consumer and business identities. What’s even more global is the phone number.

Ubisecure Identity Platform supports over 20+ out-of-the-box integrations to existing authentication method technologies from social to multi-factor step-up methods, and through Mobile Connect gives access to over 3 billion online users.

Customer IAM products


Once you’ve captured the interest of your visiting web users, the next hurdle is to turn them into customers. One of the biggest abandonment reasons is the registration. A complex registration flow accounts for a staggering 70% abandonment rate. Let us help you decrease the abandonment rate and increase conversion.

Easy Conversion – Reduced Abandonment Rates

Complex registration forms are one of the main reasons people turn away from a service. Not only do they have to create yet-another-password, but also fill in a lots of details from their phone number and e-mail to address information.

Reducing the friction for the end user is the key to successful conversion.
If they have already committed to purchase or subscription to a service the best alternative you could give them in the registration phase is to allow them to use information they control. With Ubisecure Identity platform you can utilize commercial attribute providers and aggregators, mobile network operators or even governments to request pertinent identity information about your potential customers automatically and with their active consent. Potentially you could eliminate the whole registration step and retain the active consent of your visitors now turning into customers. The global support for different identity information sources make the Ubisecure Identity Platform the best tool for the quickest and effortless conversion.

Retention and Exceptional Customer Journey

Once you’ve done the hard part and converted a visitor into a customer becomes the hardest part; Retention. Too many online sites feel satisfied after successful conversion. Especially in the Business-to-Business commerce this is detrimental. Retention and the concept of “Know Your Customer” should be your ultimate goal.


Capturing valid contact information is crucial to your marketing department. In consumer services the users voluntarily give this information and you trust it. This data helps you create a more personalized journey for the customer and increase the chances of additional purchases or subscriptions. An identity that covers all channels from mobile to desktop helps you in creating a unified approach and increase traction and engagement.

B2B Services

In Business-to-Business services the first contact might be the one who signs the contract. The real people you need to be in contact with might be different people. This information is typically maintained by your sales managers in your CRM.

With Ubisecure Identity Platform you can empower your own customers to maintain the identities and authorizations they have towards your services. Instead of sales managers constantly trying to keep up with changes in the customer organization you can let your customers maintain that information. Not only does it increase the effectiveness of marketing and sales by 20-30% it also decreases costs and improves customer satisfaction.

Ubisecure Identity Platform allows a tiered and delegated model of identity management putting your customers in control. Integration of the Identity Platform to your CRM helps you get rid of dirty data and increase the efficiency of your organization. Customer controlled identities also help you comply to various regulatory demands from Anti Money Laundry and KYC to legislation created on the basis of the privacy by design principle.

Convenient and secure

The current online world is riddled with news about breaches and identity theft. Our Identity Platform lets you create the right balance between convenience and security and thus create trust in your customer base.

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