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How mature is your Digital Service model?

Almost all digital services will follow an incremental update path that evolves towards an exceptional user experience experience. The question is, where in that path is your digital service? Providing frictionless customer registration, login, engagement, personalisation and retention is essential to obtaining maturity.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • A simple 4-stage model for evaluating your preparedness to deliver an exceptional customer experience
  • The business benefits of achieving maturity
  • That Single Sign-On should never be considered the end of the road for development
  • How technologies like user driven federation, tiered delegated administration, role / attribute based access controls can positively affect user experience without significant technology investments

This white paper is an ideal introduction for digital service developers to consider building in Customer IAM and Identity APIs early in the maturity model.

White paper available to download in English. Swedish available on request.