Ubisecure makes it possible for organizations to use rich digital identities to simplify and secure access for applications, services and devices

Our Story

Ubisecure was founded in 2002 as a European identity services provider with a vision to enable digital business by creating a web of trusted connections between digital services, devices and identities on a global scale. Our dedicated team of professionals have unparalleled vision, knowledge and experience through the successful delivery of hundreds of Identity & Access Management projects to our loyal customer base. Our Identity Platform helps companies of all sizes solve identity management problems by helping them increase customer engagement, provide better services, reduce customer care costs and enable new business models.

In 2006 we delivered our first Customer IAM solution to support IAM functionality like Privacy by Design, Web Single Sign-On, Self-Management and more, but optimised for large scale b2b or b2c use case.  We also determined that the true value of Customer IAM would be where the business drivers of customer experience, operational efficiency, security & privacy and meeting regulation would interplay, and these discreet areas have driven our Identity Platform and product development decisions ever since.

Our Management team are highly active in driving the new standards that underpin the emerging identity ecosystems.  We have development, operations and people headquartered in Finland with local offices in the UK and highly committed global investors and strategic partners.

We now support hundreds of organizations manage their millions of customer and employee identities, policies and identity related services. At Ubisecure we like to think we empower organizations with modern identity driven ecosystems that make deploying, managing and using strong online identities easier, safer and more private.  And by doing all that, we enable true digital business.

Our customers and partners

Millions of people, devices and applications rely on Ubisecure technology for security, privacy and convenience.


Simon Wood

Group CEO

As Group CEO, Simon is responsible for planning, communicating and delivering Ubisecure’s overall vision and corporate strategy to enable the true potential of digital business through modern identity management solutions.  Prior to joining Ubisecure, Simon was CTO at GMO GlobalSign, a leading global Certification Authority, where he led the technical and strategic growth of the company.  Simon has also held executive positions QuantumWave Capital where he led the Venture Building practice, Talecom, an enterprise mobile software company, Artilium PLC, the mobile virtual network enabler, and flyingSPARK, a mobile applications company.  Simon graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronic Engineering from Southampton University. He holds multiple patents in the field of mobile internet software systems design.

Andy Sambrook

Group CFO

As Group CFO, Andy is responsible for all aspects of Ubisecure’s financial, administration and corporate control/governance functions.  Prior to joining Ubisecure, Andy was responsible for building GMO GlobalSign’s European F&A organisation, including the creation of several business analytics initiatives responsible for monitoring and acting on key HR, finance and performance data.  Andy is a former professional footballer with a footballing career that spanned 17 years, including being an under 18 England schoolboy international.  Since leaving the sporting world behind, he now applies the philosophy of a professional sportsperson, namely perseverance, team work and dealing with lessons learned, to the world of corporate finance where he believes they can be put into so many diverse, real time, challenging situations critical for success in today’s rapidly moving business environment.

Charles Sederholm

Director, Business Development

Charles has been a passionate member of the global Identity and Access Management community for more than 15 years and continues to actively participate through his role as Business Development Director for Ubisecure. His prime responsibility is to help the Ubisecure team extend the reach of identity management opportunities in key verticals.  Charles was an original founder of Ubisecure and has participated in developing national standards and identity standard profiles in the Nordics for identity and federated authentication and authorization.  He is currently utilizing his global experience as an identity framework expert as a member on the Steering Group of the Finnish National Identity Federation Network.

Board of Directors

Simon Wood


Board member, Ubisecure.
Technology Advisor, Base 10 Ventures.

Paul Tourret


Board member, Ubisecure.
Founding Partner, Base 10 Ventures.

Steve Waite


Board member, Ubisecure.
Founding Partner, Base 10 Ventures.

Minoru Karasawa


Board member & CTO, GMO Cloud
Board member, GMO GlobalSign

Our investors

Base 10 Ventures

Industry Associations

Ubisecure is a member of, and a community contributor for, the industry associations shaping the identity management ecosystem