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RapidLEI grew 135% in quarter one, and it’s not slowing down

When LEIs are issued, they are entered into the GLEIF public database. Anyone can check the issuance data and statistics which gives complete transparency to the data quality. It also means we can easily analyse the issuance trends of each … Read More

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Ubisecure DACH expansion

Announcing Ubisecure’s DACH expansion

Today Ubisecure announces the company’s expansion of our core Identity Management business into the DACH region. Heading up our new DACH presence is newly appointed Volker Zinser, a cybersecurity industry veteran most recently serving as Director of Sales, Cyber Security … Read More

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APIR Systems RapidLEI

RapidLEI announces partnership with APIR Systems

As RapidLEI continues its global expansion, today we are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership with Australia-based APIR Systems. View the full press release here.   In summary: APIR Systems and RapidLEI have formed a partnership that will see APIR … Read More

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Right to X

Right to X – Asserting Your (Delegated) Rights

In my previous blog I talked about the classes of identity, the value of organisation identity, and how that leads towards Ubisecure’s vision of the simplification of automation of interactions: “to simplify the automation of interactions through precise understanding of … Read More

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OIX member

Ubisecure joins the Open Identity Exchange (OIX)

Since launching in the US in 2007, the now-international Open Identity Exchange (OIX) has attracted high-profile members such as Google, HSBC, the Cabinet Office (UK government) and, since December 2018, Ubisecure. What is the Open Identity Exchange? The OIX is … Read More

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Phishing 2.0

What is Phishing 2.0 and which countermeasures can organisations use against it?

With all due respect to the countless victims it has claimed, Phishing 1.0 was never rocket science. They’re passive attacks – the victim needs to visit the fake site and put their credentials in themselves. What phishing boils down to … Read More

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RapidLEI announces partnership with ManagedLEI

Continuing our month of RapidLEI partnership announcements, we’re delighted to announce ManagedLEI from Trusted Identity! The full press release is available at ‎   In summary: Today RapidLEI, a GLEIF-accredited LEI issuer, announced a strategic partnership with UK-based LEI Registration … Read More

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Starting a month of RapidLEI Partnership Announcements

Over the next few weeks we’ll be making a number of RapidLEI partnership announcements. Expanding the partner ecosystem was one of our core strategies to disrupt the LEI industry so we’re very excited to be onboarding so many new partners … Read More

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What do we mean when we say ‘Ubisecure is API-first’?

Ubisecure is API-first. If that statement leaves you none the wiser, read on to learn 3 key things – what are APIs, what are Ubisecure’s APIs and why do we have this business model? What are APIs? API stands for … Read More

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Announcing the RapidLEI API – same-session LEI issuance for third party application developers

Hot on the heels of talking about the API economy, today we are launching a new API product – this one for our RapidLEI Legal Entity Identifier service. It’s the industry’s first LEI API from an accredited LEI Issuer and … Read More

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