What is a Legal Entity Identifier and what can you do with it?

The LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) is a 20-digit, alpha-numeric code based on an international standard (ISO 17442) primarily used to uniquely identify a Legal Entity (LE) party to a financial transaction.  For example, Ubisecure Oy’s Legal Entity Identifier is 529900T8BM49AURSDO55 – … Read More

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Preparing for GDPR

Preparing for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

In May 2016 the biggest shake up of data protection in its history was ratified in the form of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR is designed to support the needs of a digital world that is … Read More

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GDPR Configuration Tip #1 – Consent Management

In this series we look at practical tips on how to configure the Ubisecure Identity Platform for GDPR compliance. This first entry deals with GDPR consent management, and how your organization can move towards compliance using just a few minutes … Read More

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Mobile World Congress 2017 – MWC

Will the Mobile World Congress 2017 be a tipping point for Mobile Connect? Mobile Connect has all the potential of shaking the way people authenticate on a global basis. It already has over 3 billion enabled users. That’s twice as … Read More

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UbiKlubi Winter 2017

Last Thursday Ubisecure arranged its bi-annual cozy customer event, UbiKlubi (Ubisecure customer club). UbiKlubi provides a venue for our customers to hear from our other customers how they have used the Ubisecure Customer IAM solution in developing their customer-facing e-services. … Read More

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Simon Wood Identity Management Q&A

The Identity Management Vision – Q&A with Simon Wood, group CEO of Ubisecure

In a series of interviews held at Ubisecure’s head offices, Simon Wood takes a few minutes to talk about the trends he’s seeing in the Identity Management industry, his vision and key initiatives for Ubisecure’s growth.  This is the first … Read More

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Customer experience

Our typical Customer IAM use case

Does this sound familiar? Last time I wrote about my experiences when I started at Ubisecure. After that, I have spent my time learning what is it that we actually do. Now I would like to share it with you. Like … Read More

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Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress – I Mobile Connect

The first 2 days in the largest mobile technology event in the world. From Keith Uber and Petteri Ihalainen Keith: Signing in to the Mobile World Congress web service using Mobile Connect Since last year, GSMA had really adopted the … Read More

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Personal development career

As a new Ubisecurian – The world of many abridgments

IAM vs. I AM IAM, IoT, SSO.. All of these sounded more or less like type errors when I first started at Ubisecure as a marketing intern. And when spoken of I wondered if I even speak the same language … Read More

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What is federation?

What is Federation?

Federation is a technology that can benefit both users and companies. Federation improves customer experience, facilitates registration (conversion) and enables online business ecosystems. Digital identities live in domains. A domain has an owner, usually a business / company. In a … Read More

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