Identity Brokering

Deploy trusted digital identity brokering services that connect multiple service providers to different identity providers. Offer several authentication methods with just one service agreement and integration.

The Ubisecure Identity Platform enables organisations or governments to become a trusted brokering hub that connects multiple service providers with different identity providers (IdP). This creates a trust relationship with external identity providers and significantly simplifies how online service providers can use existing trusted digital identities.

Ubisecure Identity Brokering

Offer multiple authentication - digital identity brokering

Offer several authentication methods to Service Providers through a single hub.

Eliminate complexity identity broker

Eliminate the complexity for your service providers – one agreement, one integration, multiple IdPs and authentication methods.

Generate new revenue - digital identity brokering

Generate new revenue from the existing investments in verified digital identities.

Use the Ubisecure Identity Platform as the core of identity brokering services

The Identity Platform supports multiple federation protocols and the brokering  of digital identity and identity attributes between them; OpenID Connect, OpenID Connect CIBA, OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0, WS-Federation, Mobile Connect and ETSI MSS are all supported. It connects a wide range of authentication products and technologies to a wide range of consuming services.

Platform services can be fully integrated with any digital identity solution and identity repository already deployed. With the centralised authorisation policies you can finely tune the identity information made available to each external service – anonymous, pseudo-anonymous or consent approved attributes. This ensures compliance with privacy regulations such as the European Union’s General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR). Authentication and identity attribute delivery can be commercialised separately allowing you to create high volume authentication services and high value attribute services for companies who utilise your brokering services.

The platform provides build-in accounting features designed for simple integration into rating and charging or invoicing systems. Flexible APIs provide for daily, daily consolidated and monthly consolidated usage data access.

Identity Federation Standards

Enabling the Telia Identification Broker Service – the cross-border authentication hub

Telia Identification Broker Service

Ubisecure provides the underlying identity platform for the Telia Identification Broker Service. The service is a cross border strong authentication hub – delivered as a single service. The service relays strong identification events and data between Identity Providers and digital services used by end users. It provides standard interfaces for external services to issue strong electronic identification requests regardless of the Identity Provider.

Service Providers utilise the Telia Identification Broker Service to authenticate all customers via a single identity management solution supporting multiple Identity Providers and authentication methods. Service Providers gain major benefits from not being tied to just one identity provider. End users no longer have to create ‘yet another username/password’ and neither do they need to go through KYC processes for each of the service providers they use.

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Multi-Award Winning Identity Solution

Winner – Best Consumer Identity Project 2019

Winner EIC 2019 Best Consumer Project

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Winner – Best B2B Identity Project 2015

Winner EIC 2015 Best B2B Identity Project

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DNA logo

DNA Telecom

Learn how the Ubisecure Identity Server was the key component for cloud brokering service, DNA Pouta, providing convenient access to DNA corporate customers, enabling DNA to standardise the integration of the selected cloud applications to the IAM infrastructure.

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An overview of the Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) industry & an impartial high level description and analysis of the Identity Platform.

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Finnish Government

Deploying a nationwide identity management and delegation platform for citizens and businesses.

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