Identity Management for Financial Services

Secure, compliant, user-friendly CIAM & LEI solutions

Build specialised workflows with out-of-the-box support for streamlined digital services, in the cloud or on-premises.

IDaaS Platform


The Ubisecure Identity Platform powers some of the most sophisticated identity brokering services throughout Europe, and supports the widest range of current eID schemes. Ubisecure helps FIs establish new revenue streams by federating verified identities, as well as leverage current eID schemes to streamline KYC and application login.

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LEI VA Framework


The GLEIF Validation Agent framework offers streamlined Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) issuance operational model for FIs, Banks, & Trust Service Providers to leverage and enhance existing KYC & AML workflows to automate LEI issuance and register LEIs via API in real-time.

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LEI Management


RapidLEI, Ubisecure’s GLEIF accredited Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) service, lowers the cost of managing group and client LEIs, and opens up the opportunity to use LEIs in banking workflows and applications.

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Identity Management Whitepaper


The Finnish government built the nationwide Katso platform to enable the strong identification of organisations in government e-services for tax and pension administration. The solution was built using Ubisecure’s Identity Platform, leveraging its unique strengths in Delegated Authority to reduce administration costs of its tax service by 99%.

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Banking customers

Achieve your identity management goals for all key stakeholders – customers, partners and staff.

Security icon

Robust security

Financial information is among the most sensitive data and customers expect you to treat it as such – risk of breach is not an option.

Plug in Customer IAM capabilities like identity verification, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and delegated authority to ensure all users are who they say they are and that they only have access to authorised areas of your services.

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Simplified regulatory compliance

CIAM makes it easier to comply with various financial regulations and standards such as PSD2 and Open Banking, not to mention privacy regulations like GDPR.

Developing PISP and AISP capabilities is easier and more secure with Customer IAM, including strong authentication and MFA, advanced API security and granular consent management. Avoid identity silos with integrated directories.

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Superior user experiences

Let go of manual processes and clunky workflows. From initial onboarding to ongoing loyalty, CIAM helps financial institutions of any size become digital-first. 

Go above and beyond with a single identity for all users across your various services, making it easy for them to spend, borrow and repeatedly interact with your applications at every touchpoint.

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Ubisecure and Financial Services

How Ubisecure’s Identity Platform enables secure, compliant, user-friendly identity management for the FS industry.

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