Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)

Rapidly build CIAM services into your applications to verify identities, secure access, and better engage with your customers.

Introduction to Customer IAM | CIAM

New to CIAM?

Watch Ubisecure CEO introduce Customer IAM and the Ubisecure Identity Platform:

Better Marketing

Reduce signup and login friction

Use Registration-as-a-Service and offer a standardised login experience & SSO across all devices

Better identity data management

Improved security posture

Protect against breaches with simplified authentication and authorisation. Reduce the number of risky identity data silos

Streamline Operations

Reduce Operations Costs

Reduce fraud by verifying customer identities, and automate customer credential management workflows for your helpdesk

Increase Conversions & Brand Loyalty

Get applications to market faster

Let developers focus on your core business. Plug in proven identity management – cloud IAM or on-premises

Proof, capture & convert

Registration – provide frictionless registration via CIAM registration-as-a-service for new customers by using existing identities (social, professional, enterprise, verified, or federated), of varying levels of assurance strength, from one or more of the dozens of supported Identity Providers.

Anchor users to both digital and real world identities – as well as wide support for the many verified digital ID schemes, Ubisecure also supports real-time verification of real world identities using government-issued documents from 180+ countries worldwide. Reduce fraud without the usual friction.

Profiling and Personalisation – link identity data sources, identity proofing levels, and attribute information for a centralised view of users, to build a progressively rich profile to power personalised experiences.

Outbound Federation – enable existing identity data pools to be utilised for outbound SSO to external sites. Gain new ROI on Know-Your-Customer investments and extend use of digital identities associated with your brand.

CIAM Platform

Ubisecure IDaaS

Customer experience

One identity – Single Sign-On (SSO) lets customers and partners use a single identity to log in and engage with all your services.

Multi-channel – provide customers with the same user experience regardless of the device they use to engage with your services.

Consent – comply with privacy regulation (GDPR, CCPA) by giving appropriate visibility and self-management controls for personal data.

Self-service – improve customer satisfaction and reduce helpdesk overheads by allowing customers to self-manage identity credentials.

Security & Privacy – reduce risk of breach

SSO (Single Sign-On) – Give customers one digital identity for simplified SSO (Single Sign-On) login to all your connected digital services and applications. Improve the customer experience and reduce credential management support costs.

Authentication – enforce best practice around username/password policy, offer hassle-free passwordless options, or step-up to multi-factor authentication (MFA) at the right time. Use Ubisecure’s registration-as-a-service and login using any number of existing Identity Providers (social, professional, enterprise, verified or federated), and link to existing accounts to progressively enrich customer profiles.

Authorisation – out-of-the-box identity management workflows manage how applications authenticate customers, organisations, things & APIs and grant access only to the right resources. Centralise identity data access governance to provide granular control over which customer identity attributes can be accessed by internal and external applications.

Delegated Authority – deploy multi-tier delegated authority to automate manual workflows and achieve significant cost savings. Allow external users to manage their own organisation’s (or family’s) user identities and delegate roles with ease at a national scale.

Identity Directory – eliminate risky, overlapping identity data silos by using Ubisecure’s proven, highly scalable and secure storage solution for identity data and attributes.

CIAM Authenticator

Identity Federation Standards

Interoperability & Technology Alliances

Standards-based – built on the identity standards including OpenID Connect (OIDC), CIBA (Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication Flow), OAuth 2, SAML, WS-Federation.

Technology Alliances – partnerships give access to best of class specialised solutions for biometric and passwordless authentication, identity verification, identity data governance, blockchain support and more.

External services and sites – aggregate attributes from internal and external sources, such as user databases, CRM, Identity Providers and federate identities to external sites and applications.

Enterprise BI and Provisioning – connect to enterprise grade business intelligence tools and provisioning tools.

How CIAM works

Ubisecure CIAM

Checkmark Choice of geographical data residency
Checkmark Scalability – designed for high volume user scenarios

Checkmark Omnichannel – any device, same experience
Checkmark Integration into BI, CRM, HR systems

Your identity data, your choice how Ubisecure is deployed

Identity Cloud

IDaaS (Cloud IAM)

Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) rapidly embeds IAM capabilities into applications without building, hosting, and managing your own IAM solution and infrastructure.

Identity Platform

Identity Server

Highly flexible Identity & Access Management (IAM) software configured and deployed locally on-premises at your own data centre(s).

Ubisecure typically deploys private cloud IDaaS and Identity Server solutions through our Certified Partner network. Partners have local and vertical specialisation – find the right partner in our directory and contact us to discuss requirements.

You can get directly started quickly and easily with Ubisecure’s public cloud managed IDaaS solution. Go to IDaaS.

API First

Accelerate Application Time to Market

Building identity management inhouse is risky and expensive. Ubisecure CIAM solutions are API-first to allow developers to rapidly embed secure customer identity management capabilities:

  • Enhanced security, authentication and authorisation – identity data is a breach target, protect it effectively
  • Plug-in several years of Ubisecure experience implementing complex identity and consent standards
  • Meet the stringent security requirements of security and compliance teams
  • Out the box connectors for internal and external applications
  • Scalability and reliability needs for high volume deployments
  • Total control over interface branding
  • Configurable workflows, definition and management of attributes

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