Identity Management for your Partners, Vendors and Supply Chain

Secure and simplify identity and access management to mitigate external user risk and gain operational efficiencies. Ubisecure B2B IAM enables global, trusted business relationships.

Delegated Authority

B2B IAM Use Cases & Customer Success Stories


Energy Company

Manage complex B2B and B2C utility contracts and usage through federated Single Sign-On and Delegated Administration.

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SaaS Applications

How a SaaS company solved the internal Build vs Buy conundrum, by focusing on developing the application not the identity management infrastructure.

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Managing complex organisation to organisation, organisation to individual, individual to organisation engagement with Gov services required flexible delegated administration.

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The logical choice for True B2B IAM

The Ubisecure Identity Platform supports B2B and B2C scenarios, and can be deployed as IDaaS, on-premises or as a hybrid of both. Ubisecure has been deployed as both a business-enabler and developer-enabler solution, and with extensive support for delegation models and multiple subtenants, Ubisecure is an ideal solution for large-scale B2B scenarios.

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Subcontractors & Managed Service Providers

Subtenants & Federation

Deploy large-scale multiple subtenant architectures with federated access

Build Trust

Strong Individual & Organisation Identities

Support for verified individual identities, federated enterprise identities and highly assured Verified Organisations

Integrate Customer IAM APIs

Flexible Delegated Administration

Partners know what access management their users need – delegate IAM tasks to admins at external organisations

Family Delegation

True Identity-First Security

True B2B identity-first security with highly assured organisation identity combined with verified individual identity

Giving organisations the ability to combine strongly authenticated individual identities with highly assured organisational identities to show who you are, who you represent, and the rights you have to represent them.

Get applications to market faster
Building identity management inhouse is slow, risky and expensive

Become part of the verified Organisation ecosystem
By combining LEIs and verified individual identity, you can deliver trust to all parties in the transaction

Onboard business customers
Utilise Verified Organisation data to reduce onboarding costs with KYC and KYB workflows

Eliminate manual administration costs
Digitise admin-intense processes with self-service, and allow businesses to delegate costly user management

Secure your supply chain
Protect and secure valuable supply chains by identifying partners and managing user access

Support both B2B and B2C 
Achieve B2B and B2C business goals using the same flexible IAM platform

Support agent and broker based business models
B2B2C scenarios allow agent/broker access to their customer accounts

Gov to Business & Gov to Citizen
Enable direct and delegated access to eGovernment services

Enable electronic power of attorney
Authorise designated representatives to act on behalf of a user, whether individual or organisation

Connect to the reusable identity ecosystem
Gain access to the billions of verified, social and enterprise digital identities to identify business customers and establish trust

Enable team collaboration with fine grained access control
Protect access to sensitive assets in collaborative environments (medical, engineering, JV)

Govern external access
Follow Zero Trust principles and manage access to critical systems by external users

Proven capabilities in the eyes of top analysts covering in the B2B IAM sector

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“Strength in delegating access”

“Ubisecure has demonstrated its value specifically in scenarios with complex B2B2C relationships, where its strength in delegating access is a differentiator to other providers in the market.”

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Featured B2B IAM Capabilities

Delivering the value of verified organisation identity

True B2B IAM can only be achieved if you know and trust the identity of all participants in the transaction. This means both individuals and organisations.

  • Start with a foundation of trust – utilise the G20 endorsed Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) for verified organisation attributes. Ubisecure is the #1 provider of LEIs worldwide.
  • Benefit from extensible schemas for organisation identity attributes, rights and roles
  • Varying organisation identity assurance levels – social groups to verified corporations
  • Digitally tie an individual identity to a verified organisation identity. Right to Represent utilises registry-based ability to check representation rights / authorisations of individuals
  • Be ready for LEI inclusion in upcoming identity frameworks including eIDAS 2.0 and GAIN

CIAM IDaaS User Experience

Delegation & Identity Relationship Management

Utilise the most powerful delegated authority solution to manage identity relationships and create user accounts.

  • Empower partners to delegate access & authorisation to applications and resources
  • Well suited to complex multi-tier hierarchies – org to org, org to individual, individual to org, individual to individual
  • Onward delegation reduces Administrator touch points and management overheads
  • Centralised authorisation server allows electronic power of attorney function and auditability
  • API based solution

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Multi-System Authorisation, Authentication & Identity Proofing of Individuals

  • Maintain accurate user accounts and entitlements that reflect the actual current users and appropriate access and authorisation roles and rights across multiple applications
  • Connect BYOI and portable Identity Providers – allows use of billions of existing strong reusable identities, including verified (BankID, NemID, eID and more) or social identities
  • Support for internal enterprise directory identities or CRM based identities
  • Step up Auth – low friction method like social identity to register, step up to other Identity Providers and MFA as needed
Reusable Identity

B2B IAM - Subtenants & User Management

Subtenants & User Management

  • Achieve large scale deployment of multiple Subtenants to isolate partner data pools, meet regional data regulation, and optimise delegation workflows – see Finnish Government case study (422k subtenants)
  • API support to link registration to CRM based ‘contracts’ to better manage triggering and termination of user lifecycle
  • Consent – comply with privacy regulation (GDPR) by giving appropriate visibility and self-management controls for personal data
  • Self-service – improve customer satisfaction and reduce support overheads by allowing customers to self-manage identity credential management.

Governance & Federation

  • Identity Directory – eliminate risky, overlapping identity data silos with secure storage for identity data and attribute management
  • Outbound federation enables existing identity data pools to be utilised for outbound Single Sign-On (SSO) to external sites. Gain new ROI on KYC investments and extend use of identities associated with your brand
  • Built on Identity Protocol Standards (OIDC, OAuth2, SAML, CIBA Client-Initiated Backchannel Authentication Flow)
  • Organisation identity provided via the G20 endorsed “verified organisation” – the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Identity Federation Standards

Realising the vision for digital identity

The Ubisecure B2B IAM Vision:

The future of digital identity: the ability to combine strongly authenticated individual identities with highly assured organisational identities to show who you are, who you represent, and the rights you have to represent them.

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B2B CIAM & Supply Chain Identity Management

Considerations to better secure B2B and B2B2C users at scale with modern IAM functionality.

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B2B IAM & Ubisecure

An overview of the B2B Identity and Access Management industry & an impartial high-level description and analysis of the Ubisecure Identity Platform.

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Build vs Buy: Identity Management

What are the benefits of using existing IAM solutions? And should your organisation build using your existing internal resources, or buy a proven solution?

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Flexible Deployment Options With local data residency

Pick the right B2B IAM deployment that’s right for your business requirements.

Ubisecure typically deploys larger scale on-premise and complex IDaaS solutions through our Certified Partner network. Partners have local and vertical specialisation – find the right partner in our directory and contact us to discuss requirements.

IDaaS (Cloud IAM)

Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) rapidly embeds IAM capabilities into applications without building, hosting, and managing your own IAM infrastructure.

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Identity Server

Highly flexible Identity & Access Management (IAM) software configured and deployed locally on-premises at your own data centre(s).

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Hybrid IAM

Maintain core user directories and legacy applications on-premises, but securely connect to the cloud to run IAM capabilities from a SaaS infrastructure.

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How B2B IAM works

Ubisecure Identity Platform

Checkmark Choice of geographical data residency and deployment method
Checkmark Scalability – designed for high volume B2B multiple subtenant use cases

Checkmark Omnichannel – any device, same experience
Checkmark Integration into BI, CRM, HR systems

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