• Modern Identity Management

    A flexible product-centric approach to scaling the identity management needs of today’s b2b and b2c business initiatives

  • Innovating Mobile Identity

    Security, Privacy and Convenience. Powering how Global Mobile Network Operators become identity providers through GSMA Mobile Connect.

  • 10 years of Customer IAM, 10 years of improving the customer journey

    For over a decade we’ve been helping European organizations put identity at the start of the Customer journey.

Customer Identity Self-Care & Enrichment

Customer IAM self-care and enrichment increases customer engagement, reduces customer care costs and enables new business models

Streamline Trusted Customer Identification

Recognize your customer’s trusted identities to simplify registration and login to online services requiring high assurance authentication

Mobile Identity for Mobile Network Operators

Powering MNOs to become Identity Providers with the most complete GSMA Mobile Connect Identity Gateway in the market

What we do

We make using online identities easier, safer and more private. We help businesses improve user experience and reduce costs through increased customer engagement, loyalty and insight. We help service providers gain new business opportunities through trusted identity marketplaces. We help create trusted connections between digital services, devices and mobile identity.

When we combine these modern aspects of identity management, we enable the true potential of digital business.

Ubisecure Identity Platform

The Ubisecure Identity Platform incorporates Identity Server (on-premise Identity & Access Management, or IAM, software), Identity Cloud (managed IAM services), and the TrustedID IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) services.  Organizations deploying Customer IAM (also known as CIAM or Consumer IAM) & IoT solutions can use the Identity Platform to improve User Experience and onboarding, to know exactly who their customers and devices are, to provide cost savings through self-service capabilities, and to increase revenue while improving compliance and security. Organizations can use the Identity Platform to quickly launch efficient and cost effective IAM solutions for identity-based services, such as GSMA Mobile Connect and other emerging technologies.

Identity Platform

Our customers and partners

Millions of people, devices and applications rely on Ubisecure technology for security, privacy and convenience.

What our Customers say about working with Ubisecure

We are thrilled to be working with Ubisecure on this exciting customer project, which is demanding a high degree of integrity, multiple methods of strong authentication and federated access. Ubisecure Identity Platform is a critical component of the eHealth service as its functionality provides Swedish citizens with very easy to use process for accessing their health records.
Greger WikstrandCTO and Head of Cloud Services Capgemini Sweden
Ubisecure Identity Platform has helped us realize a unified IAM solution for both consumers and corporate customers, creating an environment where you only need one identity.
Taneli RopponenDirector of IT-production, DNA

Industry Associations

Ubisecure is a member of, and a community contributor for, the industry associations shaping the identity management ecosystem

There are billions of online and mobile identities and they exist in fragmented domains, separate ecosystems designed for individual purposes. We see a world of digital transformation driven by the need for customer/user service. Key to that process are the tenants of security and simplicity. Service providers are looking to evolve, embrace and empower their users, and in doing so increase the efficiency and profitability of their customers. The ability to outsource identity, leverage the security of proven players, automate the on-boarding and maintenance of new identities is key to the efficient and cost effective implementation of a digital transformation strategy. Ubisecure has proven capabilities to put identity at the beginning of every digital transformation.
Simon Wood Ubisecure
Simon WoodGroup CEO, Ubisecure