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The Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) Specialist

CIAM enables secure, seamless, & simplified digital experiences for your customers.

Offer multiple authentication - digital identity brokering

Avoid identity data breaches

Improve your security posture and better protect customer’s identity data

Communicate the importance and benefits of Customer IAM

Deliver outstanding customer experiences

From initial registration to login, provide a frictionless digital experience

Increase Conversions & Brand Loyalty

Reduce operational & support costs

Digitise even the most complex and expensive manual workflows

Know Ubisecure’s Identity Platform

Keep dev team focused

Building CIAM in-house is complex, let your dev team focus on your core business

How Organisations use Ubisecure

Rapidly build innovative Customer IAM (CIAM) and B2B IAM capabilities into applications and services.

Single Sign-On (SSO) ›
Give customers one digital identity to connect to all your services and applications.
Multi-Factor Authentication ›
Enhance security with MFA without the friction, and employ context-based step-up authentication as needed.
Authorisation ›
Protect resources with fine-grained user permissions and access rights.
Identity Management ›
Create, store, and manage users, and identity and privacy data, at scale.
Identity Brokering ›
Connect multiple service providers to different identity providers and authentication sources with a single integration.
Connect Identity Providers ›
Anchor users to their existing digital identities (social, enterprise, verified) to remove friction during registration & login.
Identity Verification ›
Prove a user’s real identity at the start of your onboarding or KYC process.
Delegated Authority ›
Manage how organisation, family or individual users delegate their rights to others to act on their behalf.
Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) ›
Register your own G20 endorsed high assurance organisation identities, or utilise the global LEI database for KYC.
Representation Governance ›
The fast, easy way to enforce the governance rights of individuals to represent their organisation.

CIAM Platform

CIAM deployed YOUR way


Enhance your application usability and security quickly with SaaS-delivered CIAM including Single Sign-On (SSO), authorisation and authentication.

Identity Cloud

Feature-rich, highly configurable CIAM & B2B IAM solutions deployed to a private cloud in your chosen data-residency geographical location.

Identity Server

Full stack, modular CIAM & B2B IAM software configured and deployed locally on-premise at your own data centre(s). Your identity data, your location.

What the experts say about Ubisecure and CIAM

Capgemini logo

“The Ubisecure Identity Platform is a critical component of the eHealth service as its functionality provides Swedish citizens with very easy to use process for accessing their health records.”

KuppingerCole logo

“The Ubisecure Identity Platform is delivered as a single integrated IAM suite that provides both Web Access Management and Identity Federation capabilities with a fully integrated database and application server.”

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“The Ubisecure Identity Platform has helped us realise a unified IAM solution for both consumers and corporate customers, creating an environment where you only need one identity.”

According to Gartner, “there is an increase in demand for CIAM technologies due to its importance to combining successful UX to attract and retain more customers with security and privacy capabilities. Commercial technologies are now more popular than “homegrown” solutions.” Further, “CIAM technology popularity has surpassed homegrown solutions, but integration with adjacent technologies is still key to address digital experience and risk management needs.”
Gartner “Technology Insight for Customer Identity and Access Management”
Henrique Teixeira, et al, 4 May 2020.

Ubisecure is proud to be named in this report by Gartner. Gartner subscribers can view the report here.

Omada Ubisecure

New Technology Alliance

The best of both the IGA and CIAM worlds in a solution that simplifies identity management for your workforce, B2B supply chain, and Customers/Consumers, and brings enterprise-class IGA for your external identities.

400k +

subtenants / orgs in single
B2B deployment


customers on a single


Provider in Europe

50k +

organisations using Ubisecure
Legal Entity Identifiers


Citizens rely on Ubisecure


Customer Identity & Access Management
Provider in the Nordics

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