Ubisecure CIAM Platform

Strengthen your security posture.
Elevate your customer experience.

With the right Identity Management
solution, you can deliver on both.


Get started with authorization and authentication quickly and easily via SaaS

Identity Cloud

Extensive CIAM functionality deployed to a private cloud

Identity Server

Full stack CIAM software deployed on-premise at your own location


Integrate Ubisecure to rapidly protect customer identity data and enhance customer journeys

The Identity Platform

Customer IAM (CIAM) & B2B IAM, optimized for securing, managing and enabling deeper engagement with customer and partners. Choose where your identity data resides and quickly embed Single Sign-On, MFA, connect Identity Providers and more, with the developer-first platform & APIs. Choosing Ubisecure means your organization prevents breaches, improves customer convenience, and your development team stays focused on your core business.

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Ubisecure Identity Platform


Introducing the Industry’s most powerful IAM-based Digital Delegation solutions

Delegated Authority

Representation Governance

Right to Represent is a fast and easy way to verify an individual’s mandated rights to electronically represent their company. Governance service based on open identity standards and incorporating Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI).

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Delegated Authority

Embed Delegated Authority into your application to enable individuals and organisations to delegate management of their digital identities (or family’s digital identities) to others to act on their behalf when using online services.

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Representation Governance

What experts are saying about Ubisecure

Capgemini logo

The Ubisecure Identity Platform is a critical component of the eHealth service as its functionality provides Swedish citizens with very easy to use process for accessing their health records.

KuppingerCole logo

The Ubisecure Identity Platform is delivered as a single integrated IAM suite that provides both Web Access Management and Identity Federation capabilities with a fully integrated database and application server.

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The Ubisecure Identity Platform has helped us realise a unified IAM solution for both consumers and corporate customers, creating an environment where you only need one identity.

400k +

subtenants / orgs in single
B2B deployment


customers on a single

100k +

average users per

30k +

organisations using Ubisecure
Legal Entity Identifiers


Citizens rely on Ubisecure


mobile consumer identities

B2B CIAM Whitepaper


Customers and Partners are vulnerable entry points into your network.

Protect their identities, and you protect your network. Start by learning about B2B & Supply Chain Identity Management.

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Industry Associations

Ubisecure is a member and community contributor for the industry associations shaping the identity management ecosystem.

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Ubisecure wins….

Winner EIC 2019 Best Consumer Project

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Should you build or buy your IAM?

How to evaluate whether to build your IAM inhouse, or use a SaaS or On-Premise solution.

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