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Benefit from highly assured Organisation Identity and Individual Identity to reduce fraud and increase efficiency in global trade and supply chain.

B2B Identity & LEI

Telia Company

“The Telia Identification Broker Service is one of the first services of its kind, so it was very important to work with an identity expert that we know and trust. Ubisecure fits that bill, and i am extremely pleased with our collaborative results.”

Joni Rapanen, Global Product Manager at Telia Company

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“Ubisecure has provided capabilities and flexibility that are integral to a positive customer experience and will continue to be a key partner in ongoing developments”

Phil Newberry, Digital Strategy, Manager at Brighton & Hove City


    The Importance of LEI in Global Trade and Supply Chains

    At the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) Digital Trade Conference experts from the public and private sector met to discuss practical solutions to managing risk as trade and supply chains go digital.

    The Importance of LEIs in Global Trade and Supply Chains


    Simplifying Single Sign-On with the Old, the New and the Strange

    When to choose SAML (old), OIDC (new) or CIBA (strange) when using SSO across your applications.

    The Old, the New and the Strange


    B2B Identity Management

    Free report from KuppingerCole examines approaches to connect B2B systems and supply chain services using B2B Identity Management services.

    “Ubisecure has demonstrated its value specifically in scenarios with complex B2B2C relationships, where its strength in delegating access is a differentiator to other providers in the market.”

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Streamline Operations

European Identity Services mean local identity expertise, presence, focus and datacentres 

Subcontractors & Managed Service Providers

Know Your Customers by tapping into the global reusable Individual ID ecosystem

B2B transactions

Enable smarter and more reliable decisions about who to do business with Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI)

Identity Data Collection

Achieve massive cost savings by allowing users to delegate the right to access digital services 

Ubisecure LEI Services

Get a Legal Entity Identifier for:

Register LEI

Organizations, Trusts or Funds

Register / Renew an LEI

LEI Banking

Banking or Financial Service Clients

LEI for Banks


KYB, Supply Chain & Client Onboarding

LEI in Supply Chain


Ubisecure helps organisations throughout Europe to digitally transform their business and succeed in managing digital identity risk.

Ubisecure solutions protect user identities, enhance user journeys, improve operational effectiveness, and enable cross-border trusted business relationships in B2B, B2C and G2C scenarios.


customers on a single

250k +

organisations using Ubisecure Legal Entity Identifiers

400k +

subtenants / orgs in single
B2B IAM deployment


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How Ubisecure customers benefit from digital identity

B2B Identity

Ubisecure B2B IAM and Legal Entity Identifier solutions digitally transforms inefficient workflows to protect B2B customers, partners and supply chains to enable automated, secure, trusted business relationships. Know-Your-Business (KYB and KYC) as you onboard, delegate and manage access and representation within your B2B network.


Organisation Identity

Being a Verified Organisations is essential in many EU regulations and increases the trust in who you are. Join the Global LEI System of over 2.5m organisations with a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). LEIs streamline your KYC/KYB and LEI-based verifiable credentials assert the rights of individuals to digitally represent an organisation.

LEARN MORE: Organisation ID

Customer Identity

Good customer experience begins with identity. Create user journeys with secure and seamless registration, login, access and engagement across all your services using just one strong identity. Reduce security friction with passwordless authentication and tap into the broad EU reusable digital identity ecosystem.


Workforce Identity

Simplified, centralised, secure global workforce access management, authorisation rights, user directories and Single Sign-On. Manage multi-factor authentication and passwordless access to applications for employees, gig-economy workers, contractors and remote staff.



Replacing legacy home-grown IAM systems

De-risk your legacy Identity Management systems and offer your users a simple, friendly and frictionless experience. Cloud-based SSO and MFA can be up and running and delivering better security, trust and compliance quickly and easily.

Identity Data Collection

Single-Sign On (SSO)

Consolidate user login credentials. Give your B2B and B2C users a single digital identity for one-click simplified SSO login to all your connected digital services and applications.

Build Trust

Multi-Factor Authentication

Enhance your standard username and password security. Simplified MFA for your apps with a broad choice of Passwordless methods – Authenticator Apps, TOTP, Bank IDs and eIDs or more.


Hear from our customers

DNA Store

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SSO and Identity Relationship Management for B2B and B2C customers

Discover how DNA Telecom realised a $1m+ saving in their first year of using advanced Identity Relationship Management services, and enabled Zero Trust security.

Read Case Study

“Ubisecure’s Identity Platform has helped us realise a unified CIAM solution for both consumers and corporate customers, creating an environment where you only need one identity.”

Taneli Ropponen
Director of IT Production at DNA

A pan-European network of Identity Experts to help you succeed

Local IAM Partners

Partners and SIs across industries and European geographies to deliver on your identity project.

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Local LEI Specialists

Get local service and local payment options from a RapidLEI Registration Agent near you.

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Technology alliances and integrations for enhanced Identity Management capabilities and additional technology value.

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Certified professionals trained in the Ubisecure IAM Academy on both business and technical aspects of Identity Management.

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Europe's digital identity landscape - page 1


A spotlight on the European digital identity landscape

A joint report from Ubisecure & Onfido investigating the various digital identity schemes and identity verification options for Finland, Sweden, Germany and the UK

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Identity Management blog


The importance of European IAM providers for European businesses

The local expertise, experience, data residency, and availability of a European operated Identity Services provider can offer real identity management benefits to European businesses.

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Why Citi adopted Ubisecure’s LEI solution ensure banking clients register Legal Entity Identifiers faster and easier to avoid the risk on non-compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Extending Azure AD for effective IAM

Best Pratices: Identity management integration and interoperability with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

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Let's Talk About Digital Identity Podcast

Identity Management is evolving. Keep up with the latest news & opinion…

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