Hybrid Identity Management

Simplify your IT environment with unified identity management across all cloud, on-premises, legacy and modern applications.

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    Modern B2B Identity Management

    Free report from KuppingerCole examines approaches to connect B2B systems and supply chain services using B2B IAM.

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    Realising the future of Digital Identity

    See how Ubisecure is enabling the full potential of Digital Identity.

    Realising the vision for digital identity

Identity Data Collection

Flexible B2B IAM and CIAM capabilities.

Subcontractors & Managed Service Providers

Access the global reusable digital identity ecosystem.

B2B transactions

Standardised global organisation identity from Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI).

Streamline Operations

The ability to demonstrate identity, representation, and authority to act on behalf of an organisation


Organisations throughout Europe trust the Ubisecure Identity Platform to solve complex B2B, B2C & G2C identity management challenges for new, legacy, on-premises and cloud applications. Ubisecure enhances user journeys, improves operational effectiveness and security, and enables cross-border trusted business relationships.

400k +

subtenants / orgs in single
B2B IAM deployment


customers on a single


Provider in Europe

200k +

organisations using Ubisecure Legal Entity Identifiers


Citizens rely on Ubisecure


Customer Identity & Access Management Provider in the Nordics

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How Organisations use Ubisecure

Customer Identity

Good customer experience begins with identity. Create user journeys with secure and seamless registration, login, access and engagement across all your services using just one strong identity. Reduce security friction with passwordless and Bring Your Own Identity (BYOI) choices.


B2B Identity

The attack surface has extended past the workforce. Ubisecure B2B IAM protects B2B customers, partners and supply chain to enable secure, trusted business relationships. Know-Your-Business as you onboard, delegate and manage access and representation rights within your B2B network.


Organisation Identity

Meet regulation and increase the trust in your organisation with a validated Legal Entity Identifier. Join the Global LEI System of over 2m organisations. Use LEIs in verifiable credentials to assert the rights of individuals to digitally represent an organisation.


Workforce Identity

Simplified, centralised, secure global workforce access management, authorisation rights, user directories and Single Sign-On. Manage multi-factor authentication and passwordless access to applications for employees, contractors and remote workers.


  • User Experience

    CIAM Platform

    Give customers and users passwordless access for more secure, and simpler, authentication experiences.

    Single Sign-On (SSO)
    Use Single Sign-On (SSO) to give users one digital identity to sign in just once and then move seamlessly between all your applications.

    Self-Service Account Management
    Give identity credential management control directly to users to reduce burden on your IT support desk.

    Identity Brokering
    Access a digital identity & authentication hub to offer multiple authentication sources via single integration.

  • Zero Trust

    Zero Trust SecurityZero Trust IAM
    Verify anything and everything trying to connect and benefit from a Zero Trust architecture
    that focuses on the identity of the user without the disruption to user experience.

  • Capture, Proof & Convert Customers

    CIAM Capture Proof Convert
    Registration & Login as-a-Service
    Easily embed customer registration forms, login boxes, and user authentication options for your applications.

    Reusable Digital Identity
    Give customers a secure and convenient way to access services by enabling the reusable digital identity they already know and trust like Bank IDs, Government eID, or social logins.

    Identity Proofing
    Prove an unknown user’s real identity, in real-time, during your onboarding or KYC process.

  • Achieve Compliance & Privacy

    Multi-Factor Authentication
    Enhance security with frictionless MFA and passwordless authentication, and employ context-based step-up authentication as needed.

    Protect digital resources with fine-grained user permissions and access management rights.

    Consent & Preference Management
    Meet GDPR and privacy regulation by centralising customer data and give control to users to manage consent and preferences.

    Legal Entity Identifiers
    Register G20 endorsed high assurance organisation identities, or utilise the global LEI database for KYC/AML.

  • Reduce Operational Costs

    Delegated User Management
    User Management & Directories
    Create, store, and manage users, identity attributes, and privacy data at scale, and connect data silos to meet internal compliance and GDPR.

    Identity Relationship Management & Delegated Authority
    Manage how organisation, family, or individual users manage relationships and delegate their digital rights to others to act on their behalf.

    Representation Governance
    The fast, easy way to enforce the governance rights of individual users to digitally represent their organisation.

  • Manage Workforce Access

    Workforce Access ManagementAccess Management
    Simplified, secure global workforce access management. Manage access to applications for employees, contractors and remote workers.


Hear from our customers

Forcit CIAM


Forcit Explosives digitises its heavily regulated customer workflows

Discover how Forcit has turned identity management into a competitive advantage. Identity verification, strong authentication, self-service, delegated authority and SSO make Forcit’s GO app a leader in its class.

Read Case Study

“We chose Ubisecure as it is a well-respected and known market leader. Given Ubisecure’s long-standing experience in the identity business and excellent references, we trusted that Ubisecure could provide a low-risk, proven solution. In the future, we plan to integrate new capabilities (and possibly new services) to Forcit GO, for which the flexibility of Ubisecure CIAM is able to easily accommodate.”

Jami Kangasoja
ICT Development Manager at Forcit

Flexible Deployment Options With local data residency

Cloud managed service, on-premises software, or a hybrid IAM approach.

IDaaS (Cloud IAM)

Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) rapidly embeds IAM capabilities into applications without building, hosting, and managing your own IAM infrastructure.

View IDaaS Solution

Identity Server

Highly flexible Identity & Access Management (IAM) software configured and deployed locally on-premises at your own data centre(s).

View Identity Server Solution

Hybrid IAM

Maintain core user directories and legacy applications on-premises, but securely connect to the cloud to run IAM capabilities via SaaS.

View Hybrid IAM Solution

What the experts say about Ubisecure

Ubisecure Customer

“Ubisecure’s Identity Platform has helped us realise a unified IAM solution for both consumers and corporate customers, creating an environment where you only need one identity”

Taneli Ropponen, Director of IT Production, DNA

KuppingerCole logo

“Ubisecure has demonstrated its value specifically in scenarios with complex B2B2C relationships, where its strength in delegating access is a differentiator to other providers in the market.”

>> Download B2B CIAM Report

Telia Company

“The Telia Identification Broker Service is one of the first services of its kind, so it was very important to work with an identity expert that we know and trust. Ubisecure fits that bill, and i am extremely pleased with our collaborative results.”

Joni Rapanen, Global Product Manager at Telia Company


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A spotlight on the European digital identity landscape

A joint report from Ubisecure & Onfido investigating the various digital identity schemes and identity verification options for Finland, Sweden, Germany and the UK

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Why should European businesses choose a European IAM provider?

The local expertise, experience, data residency, and availability of a European operated IAM provider can offer real identity management benefits to European businesses.

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DNA Telecom

Telecoms provider DNA Plc transforms customer experience with SSO, self-service credential management and delegated authority.

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Extending Azure AD for effective IAM

Best Pratices: Identity management integration and interoperability with Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

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