User Management

Simplify migration, creation, storage, and management of users and identity data at scale

User Roles

The IT department spends too much time ineffectively managing user identities, it’s time to simplify

Inhouse design and development of identity directories, workflows and management of users leads to multiple identity data silos, unconnected services, and compliance and security risk. Instead deploy an out-of-the-box solution to provide flexible storage of external user identity data and attributes.

End to end identity management

End to End User Management

Define identity providers, MFA methods and workflows, directory geo-location options, federation methods and SSO support.

Directory scale

Directory Scale

B2B & B2C identity data scales to millions of identities. You need a scalable and reliable data store to ensure smooth operation and risk management requirements are met.

Secure & Seamless User Experience


Give credential management and password reset control to users to reduce burden on your IT support desk.

Identity Data Collection

Identity Data Residency

Consolidate directory(s) on-premise or in the cloud. Geographical location is the choice of the organisation.

Self-Service Workflows for User Management

The Identity Platform provides configurable self-service workflows for user invitation, registration and role requests. Workflows can be configured to have back-end requests to other systems (i.e. CRM) for automating the user registration to eliminate repetitive, time consuming and potentially insecure manual registrations.

  • Supports a “least privilege” security model with Delegated Admin and Delegated Authority.
  • Use of external Identity Providers is supported for verifying the user identity during the registration.
  • Linking accounts during provisioning is handled by the API, or via an external integration tool (Mule ESB).

IDaaS Functions

Outbound Federation & User Enablement

Identity Platform - Identity Management

The Identity Platform can be used to federate existing user databases. Layer an oAuth server over existing identity data pools to enable them to be utilised for outbound SSO to 3rd party sites. Anonymisation, pseudo-anonymisation and attribute sharing consent ensure GDPR compliance.

Federation provides new ROI for organisations who already invest in strong KYC assurance practices. Federation also introduces your brand into the greater authentication ecosystem.


Centralised Identity Directory

Solve identity data directory creep and link LDAP and SQL databases for a centralised view of customer data

Create a single source of truth for B2B and B2C users

Eliminate risky and expensive overlapping identity repositories and silos

Reduce the number of accounts / identities per user


Self-Service Credential Management

Move password recovery, management and verification away from your IT desk and into the control of your users

Verification of email and phone number during registration

Self-service functions for authentication method management

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DNA Telecom

Learn how the Ubisecure Identity Server was the key component for cloud brokering service, DNA Pouta, providing convenient access to DNA corporate customers, enabling DNA to standardise the integration of the selected cloud applications to the IAM infrastructure.

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