Workforce Identity & Access Management

Simplified, secure global workforce Identity & Access Management (IAM). Manage access to applications for employees, contractors and an increasingly remote workforce.

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Centralise Access

Centralise workforce Identity & Access Management (IAM) for cloud apps and on-premises systems and apps. Centralise access policies to enable SSO & MFA across all connected applications.

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Protect Against Breaches

Extend access to a global, remote workforce without sacrificing security. Enable additional layers of authentication (MFA) to make sure only the right users can access the right resources.

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Increased Productivity

Increase application usage by an increasingly remote workforce with frictionless login between apps. Self-service credential management reduces the burden on IT to manage credentials and password resets.

Workforce Access Management

Enabling Remote Employees

Driven by the pandemic, the future of work is increasingly remote. Ubisecure Workforce Access Management ensures your organisation can maintain continuity by supporting remote working securely and seamlessly. Unify secure access control across cloud and on-premises applications and make sure the right users only have access to appropriately authorised resources.

User Management

Connect applications to your source of trust / user repository and mitigate risk of orphan accounts. Enable onboarding / offboarding through internal directories (Active Directory, LDAP), HR systems or your CRM. Or manage access to applications with user directories in cloud/on-premises solutions like SAP, Oracle, or ServiceNow.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Give in-office employees, remote workforce, and contractors a single identity to securely connect to all applications through SSO. Reduce employee credential fatigue and poor credential management. Minimise the number of user identities IT needs to manage.

User Roles

Identity Federation Standards

Authentication & MFA

Enhance login security with password policy enforcement, or introduce a passwordless or biometric Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) experience. Easily activate user-friendly MFA methods like TOTP.


Ubisecure makes sure that only the right users can access sensitive resources. The policy engine ensures that those requesting access have the appropriate permissions, and authenticate in a way you decide is appropriate for the application.

Self-Service Credential Management

Remove credential management overhead from IT support desk by allowing users to perform self-management of their access credentials and password resets.

Built on Identity Standards

Support for identity standards such as OpenID Connect and SAML make it easy to connect any standards-based application.



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