User Registration & Login

Offer a secure, easy user registration and login experience that reduces identity fraud and helps grow your digital business.

IDaaS Platform

Better identity data management

A managed authorisation server makes it easy to build and deploy registration and login pages.

Offer multiple authentication - digital identity brokering

Built in support for Identity Providers, from verified digital identities to social platforms.

Single Sign-On

Embed SSO into your application from Ubisecure services running as IDaaS, in your Cloud or from an On-Premise deployment.

Compliance services

Supports all the identity standards – OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, CIBA, SAML.

User Registration & Login is the front door of your digital brand

Get it right – choose your front door experience

Registration and login pages can be created using best-practice configurable templates, or completely customised to best fit your brand.

Configurable Templates

Set your colour scheme, company logo, URL destinations,
and pick which Identity Providers to offer.

Login IDaaS


Build custom registration and login UIs and choose from
the wide range of Identity Provider support using the Identity API.

CIAM Mobile Signup

Reusable Identity

The broadest support for European Reusable Digital Identities

Register new users and authenticate existing users with the billions of reusable digital identities available. Based on proofing needs, you can select verified identities, business identities, social identities or even identities federated from third parties you trust.

Ubisecure makes it easy to anchor your user profiles to their existing digital identities. This helps reduce both fraud and user friction, making it easy to capture and convert new, verified customers. Ubisecure provides a wide range of support for many verified digital identity credential and eID schemes, both private and public sector.

Learn more about Reusable Digital Identity

Verify users in real-time using their real-world IDs

For countries that do not yet offer standardised verified digital identities, let users verify themselves securely in real-time using their Government issued documents.

In partnership with Onfido, the Ubisecure Identity Platform supports real-time verification of user identities using documents such as driving licenses, passports, national IDs and more.

Over 4600 different types of ID from 195 countries are supported. The hybrid model uses a combination of AI and human experts to identify fraudulent documents to deliver the speed and consistency of automation, plus the accuracy and expertise of a human team.

Mobile mockup - ID verification

Customer SSO

Single Sign-On (SSO) across multiple applications

Give customers and partners one digital identity for one-click simplified SSO login to all your connected digital services and applications, including legacy applications.

Ubisecure SSO supports OpenID Connect, Oauth, SAML and CIBA to provide a flexible, single solution to connect your old and new applications. The Identity Broker Engine enables the smart exchange of user attributes to offer Zero Trust networking while respecting user privacy.

How it works

Identity Verification

Grano implemented Ubisecure Customer Single Sign-On in their document management service, SokoPro, averaging 17,000 daily logins. Find out what challenges the solution has solved and the benefits for all users.

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What is Incremental Registration? (Progressive Profiling)

How to embed passwordless sign-in



Ubisecure wins….

Winner EIC 2019 Best Consumer Project

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Single Page Applications (SPAs)

How to enable JavaScript SPAs to use OpenID Connect 1.0 for authentication, and then how to access OAuth 2.0 protected APIs. Both apps can be integrated with Ubisecure SSO.

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Customer SSO

An overview of Customer Single Sign-On, with some of the information from this page. A useful reference for the less-technically-minded.

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