Login & Registration-as-a-Service

Customise your secure login experience and enhance how new customers are registered and authenticated to your applications and services

IDaaS Platform

Better identity data management

A managed authorisation server makes it easy to build and deploy registration and login pages.

Offer multiple authentication - digital identity brokering

Built in support for dozens of identity providers, from verified digital identities to social platforms.

Single Sign-On

Embed SSO into your application from Ubisecure services running as IDaaS, in your Cloud or from an On-Premise deployment.

Compliance services

Supports all the identity standards – OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, CIBA, SAML.

Registration & Login is the front door of your digital brand

Get it right – choose your user experience

Registration and login pages can be created using best-practice configurable templates,
or completely customised to best fit your brand.

Configurable Templates

Set your colour scheme, company logo, URL destinations,
and pick which Identity Providers (if any) to offer.

Login IDaaS


Build custom registration and login UIs and choose from
the wide range of Identity Provider support using the Identity API.

Custom Login IDaaS

Authenticate your users by using their existing Digital Identities

Ubisecure’s Authentication Adapter microservice provides your applications with out-of-the-box support for delegated authentication from many Identity Providers, and fast addition of any standards-based identity credential including SAML, OpenID, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, Mobile Connect, WS-Federation.

  • Social
  • Business
  • Verified
  • Federated Networks
  • Social Digital Identities
  • Professional Digital Identities
  • Verified Digital Identities
  • Federated Digital Identities


Grano implemented Ubisecure Customer Single Sign-On in their document management service, SokoPro, averaging 17,000 daily logins. Find out what challenges the solution has solved and the benefits for all users.

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What is Incremental Registration? (Progressive Profiling)

How to embed passwordless sign-in



Ubisecure wins….

Winner EIC 2019 Best Consumer Project

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Single Page Applications (SPAs)

How to enable JavaScript SPAs to use OpenID Connect 1.0 for authentication, and then how to access OAuth 2.0 protected APIs. Both apps can be integrated with Ubisecure SSO.

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Customer SSO

An overview of Customer Single Sign-On, with some of the information from this page. A useful reference for the less-technically-minded.

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