Identity Server – On-Premises IAM

Full stack, modular B2B IAM and CIAM & Workforce IAM software configured and deployed locally on-premises at your own data centre(s).

CIAM Capture Proof Convert

Identity Server provides developers with the building blocks to enhance customer experience, increase security, improve operational efficiency and comply with regulations.

Full control

Stay in complete control of data and service geo-residency.

Make identity management easy

Consolidate identity data siloes and adopt a solution that grows with your business.

Avoid a data breach

Identity Server helps you stop unauthorised access to your systems, protecting your brand’s reputation and avoiding regulatory non-compliance fines.

Your identity data, your choice of location.

Ubisecure supports on-premises (Identity Server) deployments of its Identity Platform

If you prefer to deploy your IAM software on-premises, or your regulatory context requires you to do so, Ubisecure Identity Server is for you. Identity Server is on-premises software deployed at your own location(s) through a certified deployment partner. Partners have local and vertical specialisms – find the right partner in our directory and/or contact us to discuss your requirements.

For cloud IAM solutions, see Ubisecure IDaaS.

DNA Case Study Ubisecure

Case study: DNA

How DNA Telecom realised a $1m+ saving in their first year of using Ubisecure’s Identity Platform, leveraging advanced B2C and B2B identity management.

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Build vs Buy - IDaaS

Identity Server vs Building an Identity Management solution In-house

IAM is complex. Consider the risks of building in-house where projects often end up over budget and beyond projected timelines when the level of expertise needed is underestimated or in-house talent moves on. Consider instead the benefits of working with a proven solution that allows complete flexibility without the risk. Plug in proven, standards-based identity APIs, reducing risk and letting your developers get back to what they do best – focusing on your core business.

Identity Server capabilities include:

Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO allows your customers to log in just once to gain access to all authorised applications, as opposed to separate login credentials for each area of your service. This reduces friction in your user journeys, delighting customers and reducing login-related issues for your help desk. It also strengthens security by reducing password fatigue and simplifying revocation of access.

Identity Server enables SSO whether your apps use SAML, OpenID Connect or OAuth 2.0.

CIAM Authenticator

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA adds a second authentication factor to user logins, significantly increasing assurance that users are who they say they are. Most data breaches are caused by weak, stolen or compromised passwords, so adding a second layer of authentication greatly reduces this risk to brand reputation and regulatory compliance.

Identity Server enables a rich variety of authentication methods such as TOTP, Biometrics, Authenticator Apps, push and Identity Providers (IdPs) to be integrated to your service, so you can offer MFA options appropriate to your location, data sensitivity and regulatory context.

Identity Relationship Management & Delegation

Empower your customers to delegate the right to use services on their behalf. Identity Relationship Management & Delegation supports complex, multi-tier use cases of individual-individual, individual-organisation, organisation-individual, and organisation-organisation delegation.

In practice, this can look like a B2C ‘family plan’ – where one member of a household is the admin user for all associated accounts – or a B2B plan – where an organisation admin is able to manage sub-user accounts – and many more access rights scenarios.

Delegated User Management

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