IAM Academy

Ubisecure’s Partner training event series to learn about all commercial and technical aspects of Identity & Access Management and Identity APIs

Get the practical knowledge you need to successfully:

IAM Academy

Communicate the importance and benefits of Customer IAM

Communicate the importance and benefits of IAM to your clients.

Know Ubisecure’s Identity Platform

Know Ubisecure’s Identity Platform in-depth and how it solves real-life challenges for your customers.

Integrate Customer IAM APIs

Integrate Identity APIs with your clients’ systems.

You can attend all courses, to become a Identity and Access Management Master Consultant, or just attend sessions which are relevant to your role. The courses are divided into 2 tracks – business and technical.

So far, we have trained over 300 participants from Europe, USA, South America and Japan. The IAM Academy course content is constantly updated to reflect the most recent trends and technologies, particularly in Customer or B2B Identity and Access Management scenarios.

Please note, the courses are free, but Ubisecure will qualify all participants separately for participation. Ongoing support, in the form of online and 1-to-1 resources, is available.

  • IAM Academy was a very informative and clear course, particularly the hands-on labs which provided practical knowledge of installing, configuring and troubleshooting Ubisecure’s digital identity technology. The trainers, Sami and Oscar, had excellent knowledge around the topics and remained flexible to the group’s needs.
    Jochen Nickel
    COB at inovit
  • As newcomer to the field of IAM, I find Ubisecure's IAM Academy very convenient. The staff is professional and willing to share their knowledge. I will definitely be joining their next courses as well!
    Antti Kuokkanen
  • I have worked in Identity Access Management for 13+ years and met many IAM providers. Ubisecure is exceptional in being a dedicated Customer IAM provider, so I'm really excited to bring Ubisecure's services to the Danish market.
    Ilanguak Olsen
    Owner & Senior Consultant, IQO.DK
  • It was a pleasure for me attending the IAM course at the Ubisecure Academy. In fact, it was a thrilling experience to note and learn how to deal with receptive issues. I was actually overwhelmed with the care, hospitality and knowledge I returned to my home city Beirut with. In my humble opinion, I think Ubisecure is a trustworthy company and it is my preference to deal with its products and services.
    Mohamad Nehme
  • The Ubisecure training days really showcased a well-rounded introduction and deep-dive to the IAM world. A room full of people with different skill sets were clearly capable of following the topics. Great initial touch on the subject, followed by specialized talks and actual code examples really demonstrated the know-how of Ubisecure in the IAM environment.
    Mathieu Devos

Courses overview

  • Course 1: Customer IAM Basics

    Introduction to the key concepts and benefits of Customer IAM (CIAM).

    Participants are trained to:

    • Understand the basics of IAM and CIAM.
    • Compare Enterprise/Internal IAM and Customer IAM and their use cases.
    • Communicate professionally regarding CIAM issues.
    • Present the most common use cases and features of CIAM.
    • Show the solution benefits of CIAM.

  • Course 2: Customer IAM Sales

    An overview of processes and tools for effectively selling Ubisecure Customer IAM (CIAM) solutions.

    Participants are trained to:

    • Conduct CIAM sales presentations.
    • Identify potential CIAM customers.
    • Qualify leads and opportunities within client or prospective organisations.
    • Respond to technical CIAM questions

  • Course 3: Customer IAM Basic Consultant, Technology Track

    This course gives a technical understanding of core IAM concepts such as web single sign-on, authentication methods, authorisation frameworks, federation and authorisation policies, as well as Ubisecure-specific product architecture and APIs.

    Participants are trained to:

    • Understand Customer IAM (CIAM) technologies, standards and products.
    • Understand the core elements of Ubisecure’s technology.
    • Know how a CIAM solution integrates with customers’ systems and with other identity solutions.
    • Consult with customers on CIAM projects.

  • Course 4: Customer IAM Advanced Consultant, Technology Track

    This hands-on course trains participants to install, configure and troubleshoot a Customer IAM (CIAM) solution. It covers both basic and advanced features of Ubisecure’s technology, suitable for current trends in CIAM projects.

    Participants are trained to:

    • Install and configure a flexible CIAM solution.
    • Assist and support the customer in CIAM business analysis, product selection, installation, integration and configuration.
    • Use Ubisecure APIs to connect with other systems and build a complete CIAM solution.

Upcoming IAM Academy Events

Upcoming IAM Academy Events


Course 1: Customer IAM Basics: April 1st 2020, 9am – 12m

Course 2: Customer IAM Sales: April 1st 2020, 1pm – 4pm

Course 3: Customer IAM Basic Consultant, Technology track: April 2nd 2020, 9am – 4pm

Course 4: Customer IAM Advanced Consultant, Hands-on: April 21-23 2020, 9am – 4pm

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