Identity Relationship Management & Delegation

Enable Relationship-Based Access Control for users to delegate the right to access digital services on their behalf

Organisations can digitalise business workflows and use relationships as the mechanism to delegate activities and responsibilities. Delegate roles to external customers, partners, contractors, even family representatives, to enable users to act on behalf of other persons in digital services, and authorise others to act on their behalf.

Delegated Authority

Delegation Customer Stories


Energy Company

Manage complex B2B and B2C utility contracts and usage through federated Single Sign-On and Delegated Administration.

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DNA Telecom

How a major Nordic telecoms provider enables efficient family-based delegation for self-management of family member subscriptions.

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Finnish Government

Managing complex organisation to organisation, organisation to individual, individual to organisation engagement with Gov services required flexible delegated administration.

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The most flexible, agile and proven delegation solution available today

Support individual or organisation identities as either the source or the target for the delegation. Mandates enable the delegation of authorisation, access control, roles and representation between parties in B2B, B2C, Government and Family-based use cases.

Triggers are fully branded to reference your organisation’s brand for a low friction customer experience.

Delegated Administration

Fine-grained Relationship-based Access Control

Allows the organisation to push the workload out of the service provider or helpdesk, to the administrator within the customer organisation, to have the administrator create and manage (sub)accounts on the service. The usual resource-intensive administration of multi-level authorisations is not required.

Access rights can be granular to vary depending on the specifics of the business relationship, project or contract.

Electronic Power of Attorney

Electronic Power of Attorney

Delegated Authority operates as a centralised authorisation server, where mandates act like power of attorneys. Delegating users can manage authorisation for delegates (both organisation or individuals) to have authority to represent them on digital services and applications. Depending on the use case, delegates can further delegate to multi-tiers of external users.

Family Delegation

Family Delegation

Delegated Authority extends effectively to family access to digital services, supporting use cases like parental controls, management of family members subscriptions, and legacy planning.

Subcontractors & Managed Service Providers

Partners, Subcontractors, & Managed Service Providers

Extend granular control of access to systems to business partners, subcontractors, consultants and managed service providers. Delegated Authority supports the right of a delegate to act on behalf of the delegator for mandated use cases, and under mandated conditions such as contract period, authentication method and workflow, and more. Automatically trigger account creation and close access privileges and deprovision at the end of contract periods.

Kuppinger Cole Analyst

What industry experts say about Ubisecure

“Ubisecure has demonstrated its value specifically in scenarios with complex B2B2C relationships, where its strength in delegating access is a differentiator to other providers in the market.”

Martin Kuppinger, Kuppingercole Analysts

Ubisecure Right to Represent

Reduce fraudulent organisational representation during provision of new services, high risk transactions and onboarding of new customers.

Ubisecure Delegation combines with Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) to digitally bind an individual identity to a verified organisation identity. It provides a registry-based ability to check rights and authorisations an individual asserts to have for a specific, known organisation. Right to Represent reduces costs by automating manual verification workflows and KYC type business processes.

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How Delegated ID works


What is Delegated Authority?

What is Tiered Delegated User Management?

Delegated Authority use cases



Identity Relationship Management and the need for Zero Trust

The ability to define authorisations based on a linkage between identities (be they individuals or organisations) enables both operational efficiency and opportunity for increased security.

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Considerations to better secure B2B and B2B2C users at scale with modern IAM functionality.

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What is Relationship Based Access Control (ReBAC)?

How does Relationship Based Access Control work? Role Based Access Control vs Relationship Based Access Control.

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