Passwordless Authentication

Time to modernise your authentication and replace passwords for more secure, simpler, user experiences.

The threat and pain of passwords

Customers and employees hate passwords. They are difficult for users to remember. They are often weak in against brute force attacks, and easily exposed and replayed. This combination makes the password a poor choice as the access method to your services. Passwordless can help reduce this risk, and make for a much better user experience.


It’s time to replace the password

Passwordless need to be your goal if you want to deliver frictionless and secure modern users experiences. It can reduce the risk of authorised access, and delight your customers with a seamless, and often invisible, authentication process.

Passwordless from Ubisecure is a flexible solution that can be built around specific user or customer journeys. Depending on the risk profile of an engagement or transaction, and depending on specific user scenarios, a passwordless experience can begin in low, medium, or high risk scenarios using a wide range of authentication methods.

An Introduction to Passwordless

Low Risk Transactions

e.g. Social Login

Medium Risk Transactions

e.g. Verified Digital ID, TOTP

High Risk Transactions

e.g. Verified Digital ID, MFA

authenticator app

third party identity registration

Wide range of Authentication choices

Enable users to log in with passwordless methods, including reusable digital identity from dozens of Identity Providers, smartphone tokens, TOTP, & biometrics.

Identity Providers

Eliminate customer passwords by using verified strong identities such as BankID and European national eIDs. Even simple social login authentication helps you build a customer identity profile from an existing digital identity starting point.

Ready to get started?