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Trusted identity lies at the heart of effective B2B and B2C

We help organisations like yours make the most of Digital Identity

With over a decade of involvement in European digital identity initiatives, Ubisecure helps organisations digitally transform their business to protect identity data, achieve massive efficiencies, and benefit from the broad digital identity ecosystem. Our regional presence means our identity experts are easily available when needed, and data residency requirements can meet your country-specific or geo-regulation.

Since becoming the world’s largest issuer of Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI), we are achieving our vision for the future of digital identity.

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Legal Entity Identifiers

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The Ubisecure Identity Platform has helped us realise a unified IAM solution for both consumers and corporate customers, creating an environment where you only need one identity.

You’ll join good company with Ubisecure

We are passionate about supporting our customers and maintain industry leading customer satisfaction levels. The Identity Platform has been proven to help our customers reduce fraud, create significant operational savings, protect identity data, and enable new business opportunities. Our RapidLEI service has delivered 250k organisations’ verified identities, making us the largest Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) issuer globally.

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Identity Management

Unique approach to complex identity challenges

The Identity Platform offers a full suite of identity management capabilities securely managing, and making the most of, both Individual ID and Organisation ID. Ubisecure enables identity-centric Zero Trust architectures to greatly improve the security and experience of how Individual users authenticate, register, access, and engage with applications, or conduct trusted global business.

Configure not Code IAM

Configure, not code approach to Identity Management

Get applications to market faster than building in-house applications and directories with the configure, not code, approach.

IAM feature

Simple pricing models,
and easy to do business with

We don’t believe in overly complicated pricing structures, hidden add-ons and overlapping point solutions. We provide a streamlined and transparent pricing model that maps clearly to your specific business and user requirements.

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A recognised history of security and innovation

We operate with a security-first mindset in everything we do. We are passionate about innovation and proudly accept the recognition given to  several award-winning deployments of the platform in both the Consumer and B2B identity space.

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Meet Minimum Viable Secure Product Requirements

Quickly meet MVSP checklist requirements to ensure a reasonable security posture. With Ubisecure powering identity management in the background, you can get back to focusing on growing your business.

Advanced Identity Relationship Management for intricate delegation structures

Ubisecure has always believed in the importance and potential of both individual and organisation identity, and combining the two identity classes, to enable true digital business. Our unique identity relationship management capabilities have enabled complex deployments with hundreds of thousands of subtenants (organisations). Our nationwide deployment for the Finnish Government was the largest B2B IAM deployment ever seen and delivered 99% cost saving over the legacy approach to representation delegation and relationship management.

Delegated User Management

Reusable Identity

Giving enterprises access to the rich digital identity ecosystem

The Identity Platform provides back-end identity management for a wide range of front-end digital identities.

This approach enables real time identity verification and proofing, including European digital identity from Bank IDs, eIDs & mobile IDs, enterprise IDs and social identities.

Social Login

Professional Digital Identities

Federated Digital Identities

GLEIF Accredited RapidLEI

Rapid LEI by Ubisecure

Largest LEI Issuer worldwide

Our RapidLEI service operates as an Identity Provider for Organisation ID. By issuing Legal Entity Identifiers to organisations, we help banks, enterprises and trusts to manage and issue large volumes of LEIs to improve organisation-based authentication, meet compliance regulations, and provide better KYC/onboarding experiences for clients.

Together, our front-end LEI Identity Provider services and back-end IAM capabilities create a unique opportunity to enforce the governance rights of individuals to represent their organisation. No other IAM company can offer this.

Ubisecure Identity Platform

Highly flexible deployment models

B2B, B2C, G2C Identity use cases require deployment flexibility to meet local regulation and CISO policy:

Cloud – Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) with identity data and identity management functions managed in the cloud. Rapidly embeds identity management capabilities into applications without building, hosting, and managing your own IAM solution and infrastructure.
Learn more about IDaaS

On-Premises – on-premises software deployment with complete control over data residency. Highly flexible Identity & Access Management (IAM) software configured and deployed locally on-premises at your own data centre(s).
Learn more about On-Premises IAM

Hybrid IAM – cloud-based IDaaS capabilities connect on-premises user directories and legacy applications while being maintained locally. Best of both worlds.
Learn more about Hybrid IAM

Let's Talk About Digital Identity Podcast

Driving the conversation forward with the industry’s most recognised experts

Our “Let’s Talk About Digital Identity” podcast has become the go-to resource to stay on top of the latest developments in the digital identity ecosystem. Since launching, we’ve provided a platform for experts from many global identity initiatives, government bodies, technology innovators, our peers and competitors – with a single goal to shine a light on all things digital identity.

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