IDaaS – SaaS delivered IAM

Simplified, fast to implement Identity-as-a-Service for more secure web, mobile and desktop applications

Reduce the risk, cost and time it takes to build reliable Identity & Access Management functionality in-house, use Ubisecure’s SaaS delivered IAM instead.

IAM can be complex. Ubisecure IDaaS eliminates that complexity and helps you benefit from cloud-based IAM functionality delivered from a hosted environment. IDaaS lets your developers focus on building better, safer applications and then getting the application to market faster and at a lower cost.

Identity as a Service

Single Sign-On

Ubisecure’s proven IAM functionality made available as a SaaS service. Add core IAM functions like Single Sign-On (SSO) and other IAM functions to applications.

Integrate Customer IAM APIs

API first, empower developers to build IAM functionality into their own applications and user experience.

Better identity data management

Built on the proven Ubisecure Identity Platform and managed in the cloud for better identity data security, privacy, usability and scale.

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Ubisecure IDaaS is designed for customer/consumer and B2B Single Sign-On (SSO) and more complex SaaS delivered IAM use cases. Because the enterprise does not need to manage the deployment, security, configuration and maintenance of the solution, IDaaS is ideal for SMBs needing to build core IAM services into applications quickly and easily.

Ubisecure has a long history of deploying its Identity Platform to the cloud for organisations requiring IAM as a SaaS solution. IDaaS builds on this legacy and provides a highly optimised, fast to deploy SaaS offering for core IAM functionality. Optional add-ons extend the core service for custom business requirements or deeper IAM functionality.

Identity Provider (IdP) Support

Ubisecure’s Authentication Adapter microservice provides your applications with out-of-the-box support for authentication from many Identity Providers, and fast addition of any standards-based identity credential including support for SAML, WebAuthn, OIDC, OAuth.

  • Social Login
  • Business Login
  • Verified Identities
  • Federated Networks
  • Social Digital Identities
  • Professional Digital Identities
  • Verified Digital Identities
  • Federated Digital Identities

Identity Management

IDaaS Benefits

  • Reduce identity management complexity and risk – Effective authentication and authorization encourages repeat business and satisfied partners and customers. Poor identity design greatly increases breach risk and leaves users dissatisfied with lowers service usage and conversion rates, and increases support costs
  • Reduce identity management TCO – building IAM services inhouse is costly, enjoy the benefits of the SaaS business model with pay-as-you-grow
  • Reduce operational risk – IDaaS is fully managed with high availability, no need to run and manage the technology stack locally in the enterprise
  • Focus on your own business – get your application to market faster, provide a better user experience, go live faster than inhouse or on-premise solution deployment

IDaaS Cloud SSO

Ubisecure IDaaS is a SaaS delivered IAM service to allow a customer, partner or contractor to log into one application or one network domain, and then will be logged in automatically to other associated applications or domains. Give users a single identity and one set of credentials for all your applications.

Core IAM Services

  • Integrate up to 4 authentication sources (IdP), max 2 internal (AD), max 2 external (WS-Federation, SAML, OIDC, OAuth), and unlimited social identity authentication sources (Facebook, Google etc.)
  • Provide for up to 4 standards-based application integrations
  • OTP options
  • API access to platform
  • Log retention of 1-month duration
  • Single-tenant or multi-tenant dependent on add-ons selected, data residency, and regulatory requirements
  • Expedited onboarding with inhouse team of IAM experts
  • World class SLAs

Optional IAM Add-Ons

  • Additional IdPs
  • Additional or custom application integrations
  • Language support
  • Extended log retention
  • Directory provisioning
  • Directory integration
  • Advanced MFA options
  • Account linking
  • Delegated ID support

Grano implemented Ubisecure Customer Single Sign-On in their document management service, SokoPro, averaging 17,000 daily logins. Find out what challenges the solution has solved and the benefits for all users.

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Single Page Applications (SPAs)

How to enable JavaScript SPAs to use OpenID Connect 1.0 for authentication, and then how to access OAuth 2.0 protected APIs. Both apps can be integrated with Ubisecure SSO.

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Customer SSO

An overview of Customer Single Sign-On, with some of the information from this page. A useful reference for the less-technically-minded.

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