IDaaS – Identity-as-a-Service

IDaaS rapidly plugs in customer identity management capabilities into web, mobile and desktop applications. Cloud IAM made easy.

IDaaS Dashboard

Most data breaches are caused by compromised customer credentials, weak authorisation, and poor access control implementations. Ubisecure IDaaS is a SaaS IAM solution that lets you rapidly embed strong, proven customer identity management capabilities into your applications to improve security posture without distracting your developers away from your core business.

Frictionless Registration & Login

Plug-in existing digital identities (BYOI) from national and bank identity schemes, or social networks, to create seamless verification, registration, authentication and login experiences, and engaging customer journeys.

Embed Single Sign-On (SSO)

Consolidate identities and support a single identity with one set of credentials for external and remotes users to log in and log out of all your applications (SAML / security assertion markup language, OAuth, OIDC / OpenID Connect, CIBA).

Embed Multi-Factor Authentication

Add a second form factor like TOTP and mobile-based MFA to authenticate users and secure access, and with step-up authentication you can elevate authentication trust at the time you need it most.

User Management & Directory

Scalable and reliable directories ensure the needs of operations and risk management are met. Deploy directory(s) on-premise or in the cloud. Data residency location is your choice.

Self-Service Account Management

Improve customer experience and take administrative burden off your support desk by giving users control of their own account settings and preferences.

Delegated Authority

Empower customers and partners to delegate the right to use digital services on their behalf, with industry-leading support for complex multi-tier, multi-organisation workflows.

Identity-as-a-Service helps your developers launch applications faster, and helps balance an excellent user experience with better protection for your customers, partners, staff, and your overall business.

IDaaS solution capabilities

The advantages of SaaS – now available for IAM

Identity-as-a-Service delivers IAM functionality as a SaaS, cloud-based managed service. Because there’s no need to manage the deployment, security, configuration and maintenance, IDaaS is ideal for SMBs and enterprises who need to build core IAM & Customer IAM services into applications quickly and easily.

IDaaS deployed YOUR way

Public cloud IDaaS

Enhance your application usability and security quickly with core CIAM capabilities including Single Sign-On (SSO), authorisation and authentication.

Private cloud IDaaS

Feature-rich, highly configurable CIAM & B2B IAM solutions deployed to a private cloud in your chosen data-residency geographical location.

What is IDaaS?

Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) can be complex. Identity-as-a-Service helps reduce the risk, cost and time it takes to build reliable and secure CIAM functionality and access management into applications.

IDaaS means your developers can focus on building better, safer applications, and getting applications to market faster and at a lower cost.

Build vs Buy - IDaaS

IDaaS vs Building IAM In-house

Failures in designing robust, standards-based Identity & Access Management functionality into applications and services can result in both loss of client trust and potential compromise of personally identifiable information (PII). IDaaS enables developers to retain control of their application development, but without introducing risk from inadequately designed Identity Management functionality. Benefits include:

Reduce Breach RiskReduce breach risk
Poorly planned and implemented identity management is risky. But proven, standards-based identity management greatly reduces breach risk.

Reduce Identity Management complexityBalance security & UX
Over-complex IAM results in poor user experience, low conversion rates, and increased support costs. IDaaS balances security and user experience.

reduce identity management tcoReduce identity management TCO
Building IAM services in-house is costly and distracting, enjoy the benefits of the SaaS business model with pay-as-you-grow.

Reduce operational riskReduce operational risk
IDaaS is fully managed with high availability. No need to run and manage the technology stack locally in the enterprise

focus on core businessFocus on your core business
In-house IAM development requires valuable resource. IDaaS enables developers to maintain focus on growing your core business.

IDaaS data residencyData residency control
Maintain ownership and control over data residency. Choose the geo-location to process and store enterprise and customer data. 

IDaaS Capabilities

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Ubisecure IDaaS allows remote users and external users like customers, partners or contractors to log into one application or one network domain, and then will be logged in/out automatically to other associated applications or domains. It improves the security posture by reducing the number of identity credentials users have to manage and, instead, consolidates identities with a single set of credentials for all applications.

IDaaS enables SSO whether your apps use SAML, OIDC OpenID Connect, CIBA, or OAuth 2.0.

CIAM Authenticator

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Data breaches expose billions of identity credential records every year, driven primarily by weak password policies. Add a second layer of authentication by extending Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to customers, partners and contractors to mitigate the risk of unauthorised access from successful use of compromised credentials.

With IDaaS, external and remote users experience simplified and frictionless login workflows. In more advanced use cases, build in step-up authentication when different situations require different methods of authentication for improved trust levels.

Frictionless Customer Registration & Easy Login

Ubisecure’s Authentication Adapter microservice provides your applications with out-of-the-box support for authentication for initial registration and subsequent logins from many Identity Providers, and fast addition of any standards-based identity credential including support for SAML, WebAuthn, OIDC, CIBA, OAuth.

  • Social Login
  • Enterprise Login
  • Verified Identities & Regional eIDs
  • Federated Networks

BankID Freja eID Sweden

Delegated Authority

Enable even the most complex combinations of assignment with delegation of rights, roles and representation between individuals and organisations.

“Ubisecure has demonstrated its value specifically in scenarios with complex B2B2C relationships, where its strength in delegating access is a differentiator to other providers in the market.” – Martin Kuppinger

Open case study (PDF new tab) >>

Delegated User Management

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