The prize for Best Consumer Identity Project at the European Identity & Cloud Awards 2019 goes to… Ubisecure and Telia Company!

The exciting announcement was made at the awards ceremony on 15th May, with the award given to the two companies for their joint project implementing the Telia Identification Broker Service, which is a Nordic and Baltic, cross border, one-stop platform for customers’ strong digital authentication needs as a single service.

Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, says, “The Telia Identification Broker Service is one of the first services of its kind and innovates outstanding use of the digital identities. This is a cutting-edge, next-generation digital authentication hub.”

At the core of the service is the Ubisecure Identity Platform, which supports multiple federation protocols and brokering. Therefore, OpenID Connect, OpenID Connect CIBA, OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0, WS-Federation, Mobile Connect and ETSI MSS are all supported. The platform can be scaled to meet the needs of any-sized organisation or even entire countries, as has already been the case.

Simon Wood, CEO at Ubisecure, says, “We are so delighted to have won this award alongside Telia Company, and to have our team’s work recognised by such an influential board of judges. In the future, we hope that the Telia Identification Broker Service will become the market leader for solving Europe-wide cross-border, strong authentication needs, as well as being the key solution solving EU regulatory needs like eIDAS and pushing the digital agenda forward.”

Lauri Immonen, Head of Security & Identity at Telia Company, says, “We are really proud to be recognized and awarded the top prize for our achievements together with Ubisecure, in tough competition. It’s proof that our reliable, strong and easy to use authentication solutions create real value for our customers who want to offer secure services to the end customers. We are excited to expand the deployment of this service across Europe where it has already been piloted to take part in the EU’s Digital Single Market agenda through Mobile Connect.”

Read about the project in the full press release here.