Hybrid IAM

Cloud + On-premises IAM

Flexible IAM for the hybrid enterprise. Maintain the core user directory and legacy applications on-premises; run IAM capabilities from a SaaS infrastructure.

Ubisecure’s Identity Platform enables hybrid cloud + on-premises Identity and Access Management. If you need to host your core user directory or legacy applications on-premises, or your regulatory context requires you to do so, you can still leverage the benefits of SaaS-delivered IAM (IDaaS). Ubisecure Hybrid IAM is for you.

Hybrid IAM Ubisecure

Simplify your IT environment

Unify legacy applications and identity data silos to solve security and UX issues, leveraging one Identity Platform for all your IAM, CIAM and B2B IAM needs.

Leverage Cloud sooner

Avoid an all or nothing approach. Reap the benefits of cloud IAM – such as faster time to market and lower TCO – even if you want/need to host some applications on-premises.

Plan for now, and the future

Flexibility to deploy in any environment – even if you plan to migrate later. Hybrid supports gradual cloud adoption so you can modernise at a pace that suits your organisation.

When to choose Hybrid IAM?

Your identity data, your applications, your choice of location.

Organisations choose to deploy a hybrid IAM solution when they are required to store certain data or application on-premises, yet wish to leverage the benefits of a cloud IAM solution for IAM capabilities like Single Sign-On, Authentication and more. In such scenarios Hybrid IAM can deliver a fast go-to market, ease of maintenance and lower TCO.


Some CISO policies dictate strict control over data being stored and processed in the organisation’s own data centres, and by their own staff.


Organisations (e.g. certain government/financial institutions, or within a geographical area) may be bound to comply with legal storage requirements for on-premises data storage.


Some legacy systems may already be on-prem. Running an evolutionary hybrid model that connects the various identity sources provides an efficient mechanism to perform initial technical integration.


Hybrid IAM has flexible support for applications using SAML, OIDC or CIBA: the old, the new, and the strange.

Ubisecure Identity Platform enables True Hybrid IAM

Hybrid IAM means so much more than just deployment models. True Hybrid IAM from Ubisecure also means supporting hybrid user types and hybrid entity types.

Hybrid Deployment

Facilitate your unique hybrid IT environment. Ubisecure offers a flexible hybrid cloud/on-premises approach to maintain your core user directory on-premises, yet run IAM capabilities (e.g. single sign-on, MFA) from a SaaS infrastructure.

View Identity Platform capabilities in our Detailed Feature List.

IDaaS Dashboard

Delegated User Management

Hybrid User Types

One platform to manage a variety of users – customer, citizen, employee, partner, contractor etc. The Identity Platform also enables complex identity relationship management between these user types.

See: Customer IAM, B2B IAM, Workforce IAM

Hybrid Entity Types

We simplify the automation of interactions through precise understanding and pioneering implementations of both individual and organisation identity types.

Find out more about these entity types and how Ubisecure facilitates the interactions between them in our Vision for the Future of Digital Identity.

CIAM IDaaS User Experience

Hybrid IAM Resources


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