Reusable Identity &
Bring Your Own Identity (BYOI)

Reduce account abandonment, enhance privacy and reduce identity fraud – all while making it easier for your customers to signup and repeat login to your applications

Utilise reusable digital identity and make customer signup and recurring login faster, easier, and more secure. Improve user experience, deliver greater consumer privacy, prove a customer’s real-life identity, and create progressive identity profiles without building your own underlying identity management and authentication infrastructure.

CIAM Capture Proof Convert

Secure & Seamless User Experience

Secure & Seamless User Experience

Reduce abandonment during account creation. Give your customers the freedom to BYOI for registration, authentication and recurring login that best suits their usability, security and privacy needs

Build Trust

Realtime Identity Proofing

Allow customers to use their verified digital identities (eIDs, Bank IDs) to gain high assurance identity verification during your onboarding and recurring authentication processes

B2B transactions

Organisation KYC

Utilise Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI), or augment existing digital identity pools with LEI organisation attributes

Eliminate complexity identity broker

Identity Provider Connection Standards

Quickly configure your application to use OpenID Connect (OIDC), CIBA, OAuth, WS-Trust, and SAML Identity Providers

The widest range of reusable digital identity support

The Ubisecure Identity Platform acts as a mediator of reusable digital identity services and initiatives. It’s simple to plug-in Identity Providers and manage authentication sources to create scalable customer accounts and authenticate users to applications. Deploy BYOI choices most appropriate for your needs:

Reusable Identity

Verified eIDs & Regional Digital Identities

Verified digital identities or eIDs such as BankID, Freja eID, NemID and Verimi are common place throughout Europe. eIDs offer service providers a strong means of verifying and authenticating customers, but with ease of ‘Sign in with…’ schemes. These reusable digital identities cover both individual and organisations (Legal Entity Identifiers).

Verified Digital Identities

Social Login

Social Identities are ubiquitous with billions of consumers and offer service providers a simple way to register new customers and make recurring login fast and simple. Consumers don’t need to keep creating new accounts, they simply “sign in using…” and gain granular control over which attributes are shared.

Social Login

Enterprise Login

Utilise existing corporate identities maintained for enterprise networks and directories. Ubisecure supports many enterprise IdPs out of the box and can augment existing identity pools with attributes like Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI).

Professional Digital Identities

Federated Login

Take advantage of existing federated identity initiatives such as OpenID Connect (OIDC), CIBA, OAuth 2, SAML, WS-Trust to utilise a single, consistent identity that can be used across platforms, applications and networks.

Federated Digital Identities

Authentication Adapter

Generic OIDC, CIBA, and OAuth 2 Connectors

Addition of Identity Providers is quick and easy via the Authentication Adapter microservice. Extensive support for open standards including OpenID Connect (OIDC), CIBA (Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication), OAuth 2.0, WS-Trust and SAML.

Progressive Profiling

Progressive Profiling

Increase conversion by collecting only information that is necessary and relevant to the customer experience at hand. Then subsequently build user profiles incrementally over time. Progressive Profiling strengthens weak or incomplete identity profiles by augmenting additional identity attributes only at the appropriate times.

How connecting Identity Providers to your applications works

Identity Provider Connect

The right level of authentication at the right time

Identity Providers like social logins (e.g. Google, Facebook, Apple and LinkedIn) make it easy to capture and convert initial prospects. They provide the starting point for building rich progressive customer profiles. But when the engagement, or account need, requires strong authentication, use the Identity Platform to verify and prove a real-world to digital identity and step-up to a stronger assurance level such as a verified digital identity (e.g. Bank ID or regional eID).

Authentication Step-Up


Link Customer Identity Management to your CRM

Linking Ubisecure to your CRM and enabling a multi-tiered delegated authority model can eliminate the challenge of stale, inaccurate identity data.

The Identity Platform feeds updated customer attribute and profile data to the CRM, and the valid contract data within the CRM can be utilised by the Identity Platform to facilitate easier or automated registration processes, and allow sales managers to invite prospects or customers to your online services directly from the CRM interface.

  • Automate the linking of customer identities to the CRM contract lifecycle
  • Increase efficiency when on-boarding new partners and customers by sending invitations directly from the CRM interface
  • Improve the accuracy of customer data and increase sales and marketing efficiency

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