Zero Trust IAM (Identity & Access Management) Security Architecture

Verify customers, workforce users, and things trying to connect using Cloud or On-Premises Zero Trust Identity & Access Management (IAM).

Protect your organisation against identity data breaches.


Centralise zero trust access management policies for workforce, contractor, partner and customer user types.

Improve productivity by enabling more devices, locations and users.

Achieve the correctly measured balance between security and user experience.

Benefit from a Zero Trust IAM architecture that focuses on the identity of the user without the disruption to user experience

MFA Delegated Authority

“Earn trust through verification”

A Zero Trust access management architecture means every access attempt is treated as untrusted – untrusted user, untrusted device, untrusted network and so on. Access is disallowed until trust is earned by demonstrating accordance with your organisation’s security policy(s), starting with identity verification. This “trust must be earned” approach helps solve security challenges such as unauthorised access, phishing, and credential theft – and strengthens against identity data breaches.

Security without disruption to the User Experience

Zero Trust doesn’t need to provide a prohibitively complex and unfriendly approach. The Ubisecure Identity Platform helps ensure security remains the top priority without sacrificing a great user experience. Identity verification, authentication and re-authentication can even be invisible to end users – this approach allows Zero Trust to be effectively extended to external users, such as customers.

Access only for the right user at the right time to the right resource

At the core of Zero Trust is the identity of the user – organisations must know who they are dealing with before granting access to users or devices. A Zero Trust strategy utilises identity verification, authentication factors, authorisation controls, as well as other Identity and Access Management (IAM) and cybersecurity capabilities to verify a user before any level of trust is awarded.

And at the heart of managing user identities is the Ubisecure Identity Platform – a secure, modern, flexible IAM solution to achieve Zero Trust by balancing security, user experience and risk tolerance.

Step up the security layers as needed

An effective trust model determines the level of assurance appropriate to the circumstance. Protect against attacks by stepping up authentication requirements under certain conditions or when the value of the resource, engagement or transaction requires it.

Sweden Digital Identities

zero trust identity providers

Utilise existing digital identities to know who you are dealing with

Add support to applications for a wide range of third-party digital identities and eIDs for identity proofing, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and access control. Where digital identities do not already exist, verify real world identities digitally without disruptions to latency and user experience.

Start your Zero Trust journey

With remote and hybrid work now firmly commonplace, the traditional classifications of users are blurred. Organisations must be ready to implement Zero Trust across their network for all types of users – including employees, contractors, partners and customers.

The Ubisecure Identity Platform helps organisations of all sizes quickly implement Zero Trust that suits the types of users, access policies and balance of seamless experience and security.

Zero Trust Products

Build your Zero Trust foundation on Identity & Access Management – either in the cloud as-a-Service (IDaaS) or on-premises software.


Reduce fraud, increase customer trust and grow your business securely by digitally proofing your customer’s identity in real-time.

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Anchor user accounts with BYOI, existing digital identity networks, schemes and initiatives for identity verification and strong authentication to applications.

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Give customers and partners one digital identity for simplified SSO login to all your connected digital services and applications.

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User-friendly Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for web, mobile, device and legacy applications.

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Simplified, secure global workforce Identity Management. Manage access to applications for employees, contractors and an increasingly remote workforce.

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Enable Relationship-Based Access Control for users to delegate the right to access digital services on their behalf.

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Why choose Ubisecure?

The Ubisecure Identity Platform has been used by organisations throughout Europe to deploy Zero Trust initiatives for over 10 years.

Support a wide range of existing digital identities, eIDs, or verify users in real time.

Ensure Zero Trust and deliver customer and workforce journeys with continuous security.

Achieve Zero Trust IAM without disruption to the user experience.



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