Customer IAM for Healthcare & eHealth Services

Secure, frictionless patient and practitioner identity and access management in an increasingly digitalised sector.

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Europe’s healthcare sector

How Customer IAM drives digital transformation and information security

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The Finnish government introduced a range of digital services in social welfare and healthcare called Kanta. The services are aimed at making life easier for both care providers and citizens, and enable electronic prescriptions, patient records and welfare client archives.

Ubisecure’s CIAM software was deployed to protect the professional users’ (healthcare professionals, pharmacists etc.) login, authorisation and access control capabilities, via the Katso service. This is the nationwide identity management solution that Ubisecure created for the Finnish government, which also supports electronic power of attorney (Delegated Authority). Through an online portal, access can be delegated and managed within a pharmacy to qualified staff as personnel and job functions change. The introduction of Katso resulted in a 99% reduction in costs, by moving from a physical point of service to the online service.

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Seamless Identity and Access Management for all users.

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Robust security

Medical records are highly-sought after on the dark web, making health-related data a prime target for hackers. Security is absolutely key to any health service’s success, including ensuring that users accessing your systems are who they say they are, and that they have access to only the right resources.

CIAM capabilities make this possible. Single sign-on (SSO), strong authentication and multi-factor authentication (MFA) are CIAM fundamentals, while Delegated Authority further ensures tight control and visibility over access management.

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Intuitive user experiences

eHealth can make life easier for all stakeholders, but unnecessary friction will mean lower individual service uptake and retention. Such apps also tend to have a wide variety of users, so try to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach.

Making it easy for users to register, log in and move between areas of your service (SSO), with options to enable inclusivity, will ensure that users stay engaged – taking the pressure off in-person/manual administrative assistance. CIAM helps you find the correct balance of security and user experience.

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Facilitate operational efficiency

With healthcare services under more pressure than ever to be digital-first, CIAM enables many operational efficiencies that can keep you running at optimum capacity – remaining flexible enough to support an unpredictable future.

Give users control over their own account management – including tasks requiring a verified identity, like test results and repeat prescriptions. Avoid identity silos with a single view of each user, assigning role-based access to only necessary data. Facilitate communication with integrated systems, regardless of user location.

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Ubisecure and eHealth services

How Ubisecure CIAM enables streamlined and secure e-prescriptions, e-appointments, patient records and other eHealth services.

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