Multi-Factor Authentication for B2B & B2C

MFA keeps unauthorised users out of your applications by verifying a user’s identity at registration and then at login with multiple verification factors

Gain the security of strong Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) without sacrificing a good user-experience. Provide your users with passwordless access to web, mobile, and legacy B2B and B2C applications

MFA Delegated Authority

IDaaS IdP Authentication

Reduce identity fraud and meet industry compliance

Quickly deploy MFA

Know who your users are, both when you register them, and when they return to login. Add MFA to web and mobile applications, whether legacy on-premises or in the cloud. Ubisecure MFA is quickly deployed in any environment enabling you to verify user trust easily, allowing your organisation to meet your industry compliance requirements without the implementation and maintenance risks of home-grown systems.

Choose the right Multi-Factor Authentication method to achieve Passwordless for your Organisation

TOTP Ubisecure

Bank Applications
Bank ID to NETS CVV to local banking app

Pay Apps
Google Pay, Apple Pay and more

Phishing resistant FIDO, WebAuthN security keys

Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator and others

Send a text message containing a code to a mobile number

Email / SMTP OTP
Send a message containing a code to an email address

Including trusted PKI, mPKI, MobileID, Smart Cards, National IDs

Step-Up Authentication

Elevate authentication and trust at the right time – not just at the front door

Authentication Step-Up

You need to provide a convenient and secure journey for your customers by mapping authentication levels to unauthorised access risk.

Lower level authentication methods like social registration and professional networks can facilitate capture and conversion of initial prospects, and provide the starting point for building rich identity profiles. Permit wide access to non-sensitive areas of your applications, then “step-up” to require stronger authentication to access higher sensitivity areas.

Reusable Identity

Tap into the Reusable European Digital Identity initiatives

When conducting transactions, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and/or on the fly identity proofing provided through verified identities are required.

Ubisecure supports authentication via a wide range of Identity Providers ranging from federated enterprise identities to verified reusable identities from the many European Digital Identity schemes.

Learn more about Identity Providers as a method of Authentication

How it works

Identity Platform Authentication options support an authentication journey from registration to engagement to identity profile enrichment.

how authentication works - ubisecure

What is TOTP?

What is Step-up Authentication?

What is Discovery in Authentication?



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