Strong Customer Authentication

Customer-friendly Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for passwordless access to web, mobile, device and legacy applications

Quickly deploy Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and passwordless MFA to reduce fraud and meet compliance requirements

Customers, partners and external users experience simplified and frictionless passwordless login workflows. Build in SCA, MFA or step-up authentication when different situations require different authentication needs.

MFA Delegated Authority


Credential Policy
Get your basic identity credential (un/pw) policy right

token authentication

High Assurance
Ubisecure is agnostic to the MFA form factor, we support them all

3rd party identity

Identity Provider support
Out of the box support for dozens of passwordless reusable identities

mobile authentication

Mobile Identity
Ubisecure supports both Mobile Connect and Mobile PKI

Step-Up Authentication

Elevate authentication trust at the right time

social identity providers

You need to provide a convenient and secure journey for your customers. Lower level authentication methods like social registration and professional networks can facilitate capture and conversion of initial prospects, and provide the starting point for building rich identity profiles.

Low Risk

e.g. Password, Social Login

Medium Risk

e.g. Password or Passwordless, Verified Digital ID, TOTP

High Risk

e.g. Passwordless Verified Identity, MFA

When conducting transactions, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and/or on the fly identity proofing provided through verified 3rd party identities are  required.

Ubisecure supports authentication via a wide range of Identity Providers. The Identity Platform has proven implementations of step-up authentication across numerous verticals, check out our CIAM Resources for case studies.

How it works

Identity Platform Authentication options support an authentication journey from registration to engagement to identity profile enrichment.

how authentication works - ubisecure

Ubisecure supports all MFA form factors and methods for SCA:

  • Mobile: Mobile Connect, SMS+URL, USSD, Swipe/Click OK (app), PIN+PKI (app), biometrics+PKI (app), TOTP (app)
  • Mobile PKI: ETSI MSS Wireless PKI standard (native client)
  • PKI: Smartcards, tokens, soft certificates
  • Username+password: ID+pwd, Windows SSO, AD integration, SQL integration, LDAP
  • OTP: OTP TAN list self-service print-out & SMS OTP, 3rd party tokens and mobile apps
  • Biometrics: Hitachi finger vein, Onfido ID verification

authenticator app

third party identity registration

Multi-factor Authentication

Data breaches exposed over 5b records in 2018, driven primarily by weak or reused passwords. Extend the proven principles of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to your customers, partners and contractors to mitigate the risk of unauthorised access.

Identity Providers

From verified identities such as BankID and European national eIDs, to simple social login authentication, Ubisecure supports them all. Build a customer identity profile from an existing digital identity starting point.

DNA logo

DNA Telecom

Learn how the Ubisecure Identity Server was the key component for cloud brokering service, DNA Pouta, providing convenient access to DNA corporate customers, enabling DNA to standardise the integration of the selected cloud applications to the IAM infrastructure.

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What is Step-up Authentication?

What is Discovery in Authentication?



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