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Higher Education and IAM

How Identity and Access Management solves unique Higher Education challenges

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Suomen Akatemia (the Academy of Finland) is a governmental funding body for scientific research in Finland. Its online system allows researchers to create funding applications, external experts to review them and request more information, researchers can update the applications etc. It uses Ubisecure Single Sign-On (SSO) to enable login to its online services using Haka.

Haka is a SAML-based federation network, enabling a single identity for login to multiple services. Service Providers and Identity Providers can join Haka with Ubisecure SSO. This means that, for example, university students are able to log in to all internal networks with their student number, using Haka, as well as other federated networks using Haka.

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Remote or on-campus, deliver secure, stress-free digital interactions.

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Streamlined operations

CIAM takes disconnected, admin-heavy workflows and makes them easy to manage at the click of a button, saving your organisation time and costs.

While the future is unpredictable, any operational efficiencies enabled by digitalisation now will also serve to safeguard business processes beyond today’s challenges. To function at full capacity, educational institutions must become digital-first.

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Robust security

Secure any-time any-place access to your online services has never been more important, for students, staff, temporary staff and contractors.

Leverage CIAM capabilities like identity verification, single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and delegated authority to make sure your users are who they say they are and that they only have access to authorised areas.

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Competitive user experiences

From applicant to alumnus, identity underpins all online journeys throughout the student lifecycle.

With the pressure on to deliver these experiences seamlessly across devices, CIAM enables you to cater for a diverse user base, giving control back to users to update their own information and choose from approved options for authentication.

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Ubisecure IDaaS and Higher Education

How Ubisecure’s SaaS-delivered IAM enables operational efficiency for educational institutions needing to rapidly become digital-first.

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