Onfido + Ubisecure

Connect Onfido’s Real Identity Platform to Ubisecure’s IDaaS and CIAM workflows. Create trust at onboarding and beyond with an end-to-end, AI-powered solution featuring document and biometric verification, trusted data validation, and fraud detection signals.

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Ubisecure + Onfido:

Navigate global compliance
Streamline KYC processes and enable expansion — all with one platform. Build tailored workflows to meet market and user requirements by drag-and-dropping document and biometric verification, trusted data validation, and fraud detection signals.

Deliver a best-in-class user experience
Deploy the verifications and signals that make sense for individual users to increase acquisition. Low-risk customer? Use low-friction data validation. Higher-risk or low credit file? Fall back to high-assurance verification. Onfido’s Smart Capture SDKs make document and biometric capture seamless, thanks to built in features like real-time blur and glare detection, multi-frame capture, WCAG-AA accessibility, and multi-language support.

Reduced costs for verification
Minimize the need for manual review with an AI-powered, automated solution. Onfido supports 2,500+ documents across 195 countries, and offers a global suite of trusted data sources.

Stop fraud at the door
Build trust in customer identities from onboarding and throughout the customer lifecycle. Atlas™ AI powers Onfido’s analysis — built from the ground up over 10 years to detect fraud and protect businesses.

Onfido Real Identity Platform

The Real Identity Platform combines a comprehensive Verification Suite, intuitive orchestration capabilities, and automation powered by Atlas AI. It’s an end-to-end identity verification platform used by 900+ businesses worldwide to make identity verification simple.

Ubisecure CIAM

Ubisecure provides a powerful IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) and Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) solution to rapidly build secure identity management capabilities into web, mobile and desktop applications. Registration & secure login are core capabilities of the CIAM platform and Ubisecure supports third party authentication and digital identity verification services.

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