When it comes to choosing an IAM (Identity & Access Management) or CIAM (Customer IAM) solution and support for European Identity Provider initiatives, most vendors are US-based, developing their technology stacks and making business decisions in their home countries. There are only a small number of European-owned and operated IAM providers, whose expertise, technology, data residency and experience can offer locality advantages to European businesses. Let’s look at the benefits of choosing a European IAM provider for European businesses.


Local European expertise

European IAM providers have local expertise, facilitating pre-sales and integration advice, and ongoing support. Commercial conversations and contract terms also adhere to local legal frameworks and customs, and customer-based cultural trends can be confidently considered and discussed.

Further, shared time zones make it far easier to get in touch with your usual contacts, and in the local language. For example, to support customers throughout Europe, IAM provider Ubisecure has language support in English, German, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish and Danish and our Sales Engineering & Customer Success teams are never more than a short journey away.


Ubisecure Industry AssociationsEurope-focused identity standards and EU data residency

Ubisecure’s CIAM technology is developed by our engineering team at our Finnish headquarters, which has been successfully serving European customers for many years. Ubisecure, and our certified CIAM deployment partners, provide European data residency. This is often a key requirement for internal data governance regulations and is the usual preference for Europe based businesses.

The Ubisecure CIAM team regularly contributes to several European identity standards, including eIDAS, putting us at the forefront of standards adoption and able to give the latest advice.


European Identity Provider support

We have wide support for existing digital identities from European Identity Provider and European digital identity schemes, including Verimi, Swedish Bank ID, and many more. Support for such digital identity initiatives results in seamless customer registration, login, and authentication experiences for European service users, as well as reduced fraud and identity verification costs for service providers. Ubisecure is ISO certified and ready to meet your GDPR requirements, having a wealth of experience working on several projects enabling GDPR compliance and meeting other local regulatory responsibilities.

Reusable Identity


Experience with European customers

Ubisecure has proven success with many enterprises based in Europe across every vertical, including telecoms, utilities and government. For example, Ubisecure CIAM underpins a nationwide identity system for the Finnish Government. The system enables the strong identification of both individuals and organisations for online government services. In what is likely the largest subtenant deployment globally, Katso supports 400k+ organisations as subtenants. Read more about the Katso digital identity management solution.

Ubisecure and Telia

Best Consumer Identity Project Award 2019

As another example, Ubisecure CIAM is the core solution for several award-winning digital identity projects with European telecoms providers. German cybersecurity analyst firm, KuppingerCole, most recently awarded Telia Company and Ubisecure a European Identity & Cloud award for ‘Best Consumer Identity Project 2019‘ for their work implementing a Nordic and Baltic, cross border, one-stop platform for customers’ strong digital authentication needs as a single service.

Ubisecure prides itself on its strong technology relationships with many new and long-standing customers, with our local teams and customers growing together as true partners over the years.


Free Report: Europe’s Digital Identity Landscape

LinkedIn Tile - Onfido and Ubisecure EU ReportA report from Ubisecure and Onfido

In this report, we put a spotlight on identity in four countries – FinlandSwedenGermany and the UK – highlighting what identities and identity schemes are in place, their respective advantages and disadvantages, and real-life use cases.

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As one of a very small number of European owned, operated and focused IAM providers, Ubisecure is very well placed to serve businesses with digital identity management needs throughout Europe. We are the number one CIAM provider in the Nordics, having been founded originally in Finland. Ubisecure is now quickly growing across the rest of Europe with additional local presence in the UK, Germany, Sweden. We have a network of local certified partners that cover practically all European countries and languages, ready to ensure that all your digital identity needs are met.

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