Right to Represent

The fast, easy way to enforce the governance rights of individuals to represent their organisation

Next generation governance solution reduces risk of unauthorised representation and eliminates the costs associated with administration and manual representation workflows

Right to Represent is a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) based service that makes it easy for individuals to assert their rights to represent their organisation. Using the same concept as “Sign in with Apple” or “Log in with Facebook”, Right to Represent uses LEI based accounts to authenticate organisation affiliation and rights.

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Use Cases:

Compliance services

Compliance & Governance

B2B transactions

B2B transactions

Certificate Authority validation

Certificate Authority validation & PKI / Certs

Public sector digital services

Public sector digital services

KYC & Customer Onboarding

KYC & customer onboarding

Signing services

Signing services

Combining two industry leading solutions

Right to Represent requires a standardised & federated organisation identity managed through an Identity Provider (IdP) & Rights Delegation service. Rights are defined by governance mandates including legal, financial, compliance, and security.

Rapid LEI by Ubisecure

LEIs are endorsed by the G20 as the standard global organisation identifier. The RapidLEI service is the fastest growing LEI issuer.

Ubisecure’s GLEIF accredited Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) issuance service, RapidLEI, provides the LEI for the standardised organisation identity.

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Well established Identity Provider (IdP) and Delegated Authority services – widely in use and at massive scale in telecoms and government.

Ubisecure’s established Identity Platform provides the Identity Provider (IdP) and Rights Delegation service.

Ubisecure vetting services provide linkage between the organisation identity and the delegation / IdP services.

How Right to Represent benefits governance processes

Right to Represent - Verify RightIndividuals request Legal Entity Identifier(s) for Organisation via Ubisecure’s automated RapidLEI service

Rights of Individual to request and represent on behalf of Organisation are verified

Rights and assurances are managed through the Right to Represent IdP service

Right to Represent - Delegate RightsVerified Individuals can invite other individuals to join through multi-tier system

Invitees are verified depending on role of the inviter

Right to Represent - Assert Rights

Service Providers add Right to Represent authentication (OAuth 2.0) at point in workflow they need to determine rights – displayed as a ‘authenticate’ log in similar to “sign in with Apple” or “log in with Facebook”

Defaults to a strongly authenticated individual (MFA) and a highly assured organisation (LEI)

Pre-established Mandates specify the definitions and values of the Rights

Service Provider builds assertion conclusion into workflow or product via SDK/API

Add Right to Represent at the point in your workflow where rights verification and enforcement of governance is needed.

Right to Represent - Cloud Service Ubisecure

Finnish Government Digital Identity Case Study

Business Value of Right to Represent

Right to Represent reduces costs by outsourcing right to request / right to represent workflows. Ubisecure delegation of authority is being used by numerous European Government and Telecoms providers.

The Finnish Government needed an identity management system to enable the strong identification of individuals and organisations for online Government services that scaled nationwide, and supported online power of attorney. Ubisecure provided the solution, now known throughout Finland as Katso.

  • €6-€10 saving per delegated transaction
  • 1m+ authentications per month

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